Through The Dark (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Daniella is a 18 years teen with a horrible past and life. She is always bullied and hated,and has completely given hope for the future. Her dreams come true as she meets her saver, Harry Styles. He falls in love with her, but could he heal her pain? Would he make her forget the past and look for the future? Could he save her from the bullies? Could her heart love again?


16. Starbucks

16. Starbucks

Catch Me - Demi Lovato

I woke up today at 10, mum and Gab were sleeping and probably won't wake anytime sooner. Gab came at 3 am yesterday and mum wasn't going to pass that thing away. I had a quick refreshing shower and wasn't intending to eat at all. I opened my waredrobe to find anything that I could wear.

I wore a high waste black and white printed chiffon skirt. With a white crop top and a black

Tricot jacket. I had a black converse on and tied my hair in a messy bun. I put on some light makeup and finished with my ray bans . It was 12 by now and I had to get out of the house before any one wakes up. I left a note on the fridge with an ' I went with Diana today, be back at 4 ;)' .

I quickly had one last check on my phone and placed it into my purse and headed out. I took my way through hide park as a shortcut. I was so excited I would meet him again!! I just hope media and paparazzi won't ruin it all again !! It's really annoying how they must know every single bit of your life, something's must stay priv. And media doesn't have the word ' private' in its dictionary. It was a sunny day and the park was full of people. Children playing , people running , couples relaxing in the gardens..yup that boring perfect day description .

It was 12:30 by now and I have already reached Starbucks . Unexpectedly , I found Harry sitting on a table at the corner, early a bit?

"Hey, Harry " I greeted and knocked on the table , getting him out of his thoughts. He was dressed in a simple black, ripped jeans and a grey v- neck t shirt. His face rolled up revealing those beautiful green eyes that were lighted up by seeing me. A smile traced on his face and his adorable dimples popped out, oh I missed those! He quickly stood up and greeted back.

"Hey, Ellie" he took me in his arms and we had a quick hug, that I wasn't pretty sure of my feeling about it " nice too meet u again, beauty." It was hilarious how flirty he was, me? Beauty? Well I don't think so....

"C'mon have a seat," he offered. His cute smile still painted on his face. We sat against each other and the waitress came. I ordered a cappuccino and Harry ordered hot chocolate.

"So, how is everything going on?" He asked , looking interested .

"Nothing more but my boring life," I replied in a joking voice.

"Last time I hadn't have enough time to know more about I really want know u more." He said, the smile never fading from his face.

"Well..hi , I'm Daniella an 18. My dad is gone since I was 6 and am living with my mum and my elder sister, Gabriella . I'm a directioner since 2010 and I love you guys. My life is kinda boring and...that's all," I replied back, earning a chuckle from him.

"Good of a start," he laughed, making me laugh back even more hard. We had our drinks and talked about random things like, family , friends, school and things like that.

I looked at my phone and It was 3 by now, time to leave?

"Well, I have to go now, Im sure we would meet again very soon," I stood up and shook hands.

"Yeah, nice talk , Ellie . Let me give u a lift then?" He offered, taking the car keys out of his pocket.

"No, I'm not going home by now, I'll go shopping for some time, so it's not nessacary ." I smiled back.

"Oh, ok. Send me when ur back home! Keep in touch , Ellie ." He winked and gave me a quick hug and then I left.

Awwww, that was so crazy!! How lucky am I ?? I probably don't deserve any of that...

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