Through The Dark (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Daniella is a 18 years teen with a horrible past and life. She is always bullied and hated,and has completely given hope for the future. Her dreams come true as she meets her saver, Harry Styles. He falls in love with her, but could he heal her pain? Would he make her forget the past and look for the future? Could he save her from the bullies? Could her heart love again?


1. Just Getting Started


Daniella's P.O.V

"Wake up, Hun!!!" Mum shouted , waking me up.

"Fine,mum I'm coming!"

A new school year and the last one!! I hate school!! It's a fuckin' battle out there !!! And I always lose, beaten by the most bitchy sluts you could ever imagine, and of course, their boyfriends. I always get bullied and insulted, it just sucks!!

I skipped breakfast, as usual. As I always purge it. I had a 15 min walk through the Hyde Park to get some fresh air before I am forbidden from it. Then, I reached school. 'Welcome Back' was written in bold colors and a big font. Yeah, really welcome back!!!

I entered through the gates and into school. I took a few steps , looking at the teens laughing and joking. Couples holding each others' hands. And I'm left alone just standing there and watching. Then, I saw her, Kristen , the plastic, bitchy bully of the school. I quickly turned away hoping that she didn't see me.

"Hey, Daniella ," Kristen familiar voice said. Yup, she saw me. "Won't you ever stop going to school and be ashamed of yourself??"

"Well, it's better than worrying about my disgusting breath," I teased.

"We'll see about that, Diaz " She said then took her other fake friends and walked away.

Yes, I got her words-stuck! One point for me.

"That was a good one, but you have to know that you would pay for it," a warm familiar voice said, Diana my BFF .

"I'm always getting payed for everything, even the things I don't do. So I won't mind having some fun before I'm getting payed back." I said.

"That's Dani that I know," Diana said painting a warm smile on her face."let's go before we are late for class, I do not want to clean the court for a whole week!!" She said.

"Lol, ok let's go,"

The past two lessons went quickly, but Kristen's eyes did not leave me even once. I didn't take much notice, actually . The bell rang and the lesson finished. I waited out of the class for the sight of Diana . Finally, in saw her hurrying to me.

"Sorry, I'm late!! And I'm so hungry, you too??"Diana said.

"Um I'm not know about my issue and so.."

"Yeah sorry I forgot,"

"It's no problem, I'll go to the lockers until you finish,"I said then, found my way to the lockers. As usual it was quiet and partly dark.

As I was opening my locker to put my things, I felt somebody holding the back of my collar and gave me a hard slam against the wall. Before I could react, I saw Kristen's face inches away from mine. Then, there was a boy with an athletic body leaning towards me.

"This is my boyfriend , Brad . Brad, this is the girl who bullied me this morning,"

Bullied her!! Really??!!!

"Yeah, you're a bloody genius! What's coming next out of your delusional mind??? The Fat Kid?? Oh please, shut the fuck up"I said. And the exact moment I felt a harsh punch coming from Brad.

"Zip it up, bitch," Brad proclaimed .

I stared into his blue frosty eyes, and messy yellow hair. Then, he took Kristen and left.

My mouth was bleeding . I guess he has broken a tooth of mine or something . I was in deep , dull pain. Minutes later , I heard footsteps hurrying down the corridor . It was Dan.

"Dani, what happened?? Kristen again??" She said offering me a pile of tissues.

"Yeah, and with a new member, Brad" I said taking the tissues and trying to wipe the blood.

"I told you, you would pay for it" she said. Well that made me feel better, Dan!!

"Yeah, I know. C'mon let's go home, it's enough for today.

"Ok, c'mon I'll help you stand,"she said offering her hand.

We walked through Hyde Park for about 20 min until we reached home.

"Ok see you tomorrow , and stay safe please!!"

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