Through The Dark (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Daniella is a 18 years teen with a horrible past and life. She is always bullied and hated,and has completely given hope for the future. Her dreams come true as she meets her saver, Harry Styles. He falls in love with her, but could he heal her pain? Would he make her forget the past and look for the future? Could he save her from the bullies? Could her heart love again?


2. flashbacks

Daniella's P.O.V

Luckily, mum didn't notice the blood on my T-shirt as she was focusing on her laptop,as usual. I quickly ran into my room and closed the door behind. I entered the bathroom and got undressed to take a shower. But I stood for a couple of moments staring into the mirror. My body wasn't too thin to the respect of my meals. My face was pale and only my nose was red from the punch Calumn gave me.

Then, a flashback crossed my mind:

'It was cold and dark. I was weak that I couldn't move a single muscle. I laid down partly naked on the cold,rough ground,staring at my body as it kept bleeding. And beside it was a syringe full of...drugs.'

A voice snapped me out of my thoughts. It was mum yelling at Rose, my older sister.

I opened the tap and the cold water rushed to the bottom of my body, cleaning me up from all the dried blood. I closed the tap and shoved into my old pyjamas.

I entered my room and collapsed into my bed. I stayed still for a couple of moments then looked beside me at my mobile. I quickly grabbed it and opened the music player on the One Direction song Through The Dark. I loved One Direction, they were my heroes, my love , my everything. As I started to listen to the song, I got another flashback as my eyes started to get glossy:

'As I laid there, I saw him coming closer and closer....

"I never thought you would have too much blood in your body,Dani," he said showing his disgusting grin again."But you know, I'm not done yet".

"Fuck you" I said with a fragile voice trying to stay awake.

"Your the one who chose that, dani" he said as he started biting my neck again.

I tried to push him away but he forcefully squeezed me into him biting me even more stronger'

At that moment, my eyes couldn't stop the tears from rushing down, I let them go.

Harry's voice reached to my heart reached to my heart and broke it into parts as he sang.

Oh I would carry you over fire and water for your love

And I would hold you closer hope your heart is strong enough

My eyes hurt me a lot that I decided to give them a break. I shut them down and slept peacefully as the music kept going on.

Sorry it is too short!!

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