Through The Dark (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Daniella is a 18 years teen with a horrible past and life. She is always bullied and hated,and has completely given hope for the future. Her dreams come true as she meets her saver, Harry Styles. He falls in love with her, but could he heal her pain? Would he make her forget the past and look for the future? Could he save her from the bullies? Could her heart love again?


5. A Hug

A Hug


Daniella's P.O.V

"C'mon , Hun! It's the big day!!" Mum yelled making me jump out of bed.

I opened my phone, it was nine. The concert was on 8:00 PM so I still had plenty of time.

I took a shower and wore a cozy white shirt, by black jeans and black vans.

I skipped breakfast, and dialed Diana

"Hey"her warm sleepy voice answered.

"Wake up, lazy bones. Haven't you dreamt enough about today??" I teased.

"More than you'd ever imagine, fun bun. What time is it??" She asked her voice getting a little clearer.

"It's ten" I said making my voice higher.

"Pick u up at 12??" She asked excitedly.

"Sure, see ya!'


I hanged on with Diana and swam into my sea of thoughts...

Tonight would be great, I'd finally meet my heroes and stay up all night with them. But I had a feeling that something unusual would happen. Something different .

I opened my twitter as I didn't open it for days.

'Harry Styles

Excited for our concert tonight'

"Oh, we r very excited for u too" I thought. I retweeted it and most of the other boys' tweets about tonight.

I checked my notifications on Facebook then, it was 11:30. I had to get dressed now. I got into the clothes we bought yesterday and wore the five bracelets. I styled my hair in that new Demi Lovato do, but instead of shaving a part, I just just bridled it. I put on 'that moment' perfume that Diana gave me and wore my converse. I took my mobile in the pocket I had and I was ready.

At the exact time Diana arrived with her car.


"Bye, sweetie!" She gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and waved me goodbye.

"Mornin'" I said, getting into the car.

"Hey,dani " Diana said placing her lovely smile on. She looked wonderful with her clothes. She had a simple ponytail and her blonde glittery locks laid perfectly on her shoulder. The shorts showed her beautiful tanned skin. She was just perfect.

"So where r we going??" I asked.

"Anywhere u like,mam" she teased showing her cute dimples.

"You know... I skipped breakfast and am kinda hungry right now."

"Off to the cafeteria," she said in a funny robot language that made me giggle.

I ordered a cup of late and cake. Diana didn't order anything as she already had breakfast .

We were there for an hour or more chatting, she told me about all the dreams she had last night. It wasn't very interesting , though. We stayed there until it was 2:00.

It was 6:00 now, we had to go to the concert if we don't wanna miss anything. The past four hrs were spent in Hyde Park.

"It's six,Dani. Let's go now." Diana said looking at her clock.

"Yeah, sure." I said , standing up and checking my clothes.

This strange feeling never left me. I hope there won't be anything wrong on this night for goodness sake !!

We drove to the stadium it took us 45 min because it was far from us. We parked the car and got out. I saw a lot of lights flashing and of course A LOT of girls. The security guards were standing preventing the girls from going even a one more inch further. A black limo came and the boys, dressed perfectly came out of it. Yup, we were late. The boys started giving some autographs and taking some pictures with the fans. Gosh, I can't believe I'm standing 3 meters away from my idols, my heroes!! After 10 min the boys went inside and the guards after them. Thank god, mum gave us the first row seats tickets. So we went first.

After an hr of the guards leading the girls into their seats and calming them down, the show started. The lights went down and all the fans were looking at a screen giving bio about the boys' life. Zayn then Liam then Niall then Lou and at last Harry . Then the lights were on again and the boys came out. We just didn't stop yelling and shouting from anxiety.

They first sang Midnight Memories followed by Better Than Words. It was fantastic. After that was Story Of My Life....their voices just stormed my heart and the lyrics made me remember some memories. But the fans' screams shook them off my head, but my eyes were getting teary.

And then my fav song, Through The Dark. Liam started singing passionately. Getting my my tears rushing more to my eyes. When Harry started singing, I just couldn't take it anymore so I let it go. Harry's eyes caught me and then turned away. And at the last part of the song that they all sang it together, my tears rushed uncontrollably to my cheeks.

Oh I will carry you over, fire and water for your love

And I will hold you closer hope your heart is strong enough .

Harry's P.O.V

As I was singing the last note, I caught a girl who had tired eyes from a lot of trying. I saw the sadness and grief in her eyes. After I finished the note, I found myself coming closer and closer to her, my eyes never leaving hers.

Daniella's P.O.V

I found Harry coming closer to me our eyes never left each other they just moved in sync. I saw in his eyes the warmth and the care. Suddenly, he took me into his arms and tightened his grip. He petted on my back as if he gesturing me to calm down and let it go. I found myself putting my hands in his hair and hugging him tightly until his warm big body met my cold small one. I felt the the world spinning around us, but I didn't care, I was in his arms. It was just magical.

Harry's P.O.V

As she was messing with my hair, I tightened my grip more and more. Her body was small and cold showing that she was through serious pain. I held her closer wanting her to reliese all her pain. I felt droplets of water fall on my shirt, they were probably her unstoppable tears.

I felt a lot of flashlights and the sounds of yells got higher and higher. We lasted for five min and then we broke.

"Thank you all for this awesome night!!"Liam's voice said.

I looked in her eyes and then turned away and went backstage.

"Dude, what was that??"Louis asked looking confused.

"I don't know, she seemed too torn and broken and I just found myself hugging her" I said hesitated.

Well I bet the media won't stop talking about it. And the fans won't stop tweeting.

I liked that feeling when we were together. I liked her.

Daniella's P.O.V

"Daniella, what was this??" Diana asked. Her eyes were wide opened and her mouth too.

"I don't know, I found him hugging me...and it kinda....healed the pain..." I struggled for words not knowing what to say.

I heard loud yells of fans around me "why does he hug you??" One voice shouted

"Yeah, you don't deserve it, bitch"another voice said.

"C'mon let's get you out of here as a one peace for goodness sake!!" Diana's voice cried.

She pulled me out of the angry crowds and luckily, found an exit. We ran through the corridor trying to find a way out. But then, we heard footsteps hurrying down the corridor .

"Hey, stop! Please!" A familiar voice shouted.

I turned to see Harry with messy hair coming to me.

"Please, I just want ure number," he said taking his breath.

"Yeah, sure" I said lowering my face I didn't want to look at him in the eye again!!

We switched phones and typed each other's numbers. Then, he ran away as the crowd of fans was coming closer.

"C'mon there's no time!!" Diana said pulling my wrists hardly.

We managed to get out and quickly got into the car, started the engine and flew home.

Sorry it's late!!!!

Hope u like it!!!!

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