Lego House

I thought my life was perfect.
My friends and I's band, Five Seconds Of Summer, touring all around, meeting fans and living our dream.
But right now, I got to figure out something-
Where my child's mother is, and why she left her on my doorstep.


3. She Looks So Perfect

I was all ready for the party tonight. I came home, and changed into my red flannel and that was it, so not much of a change. It was 6:30, so I figured I should get ready to leave. I sent Lea a text, telling her I was about to leave my house. I grabbed my leather jacket, slipping into it.  Lea texted me back, saying she was ready and couldn't wait to see me. I smiled. I headed out, getting into my van. I drove down the empty roads, Something in the way by Nirvana blaring through my speakers. I pull up to a small house, taking out my phone to check the address Lea sent me. It was correct, so I messaged Lea telling her I had arrived. I waited for her, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. I started humming, when I saw the door open. Lea walked out. My jaw dropped. She looked absolutely stunning. Her hair curled, a black flowing dress on her, a red and black plaid flannel placed over. She wore a pair of dark gray ankle boots with them. I got out, walking over to open the door for her.

"H-h-hi" I said, still in awe.

"Luke, are you okay?" she asked, giggling. My god, she is absolute perfection. Her hair and her eyes and her smile and body and giggle and voice and just everything about her.

"Yeah, I'm just stunned at how beautiful you look right now."
"Awh Luke! You look handsome yourself." She flashed me that perfect smile. I opened her door, and she thanked me while slipping into the van. I turned off the radio so we could talk.

"So Lea, do you like to sing?" I asked.
"Um.. I do but I don't sing well. Or sing in front of people."

"Awh. I'm actually a singer in a band."

"Really?" She asked, her bright green eyes gleaming.

"Yeah. We're called Five Seconds Of Summer. Or 5SOS. Haha." I informed her.

We discussed the band until we got to the party.

"Well, here we are!" I said.

"Yay!" She said happily. I got out, walking over to her side to open the door. I held out my hand, which she grabbed, helping her out. I shut her door, and we walked inside. It was loud, crowded, and smelled of weed, alcohol, and sex. Music was playing, teens were dancing or getting drunk or fucked or both. Lea and I made our way through the crowd, trying to spot the other boys. I found Michael trying to get away from Carli, some girl who is known for banging every guy she meets. She's also a bully, so we try to stay away from her.

"Hey Mikey!" I said.

"Oh hey Luke!" He replied, still trying to avoid Carli.

"C'monnn Michael, I need someone to please my needs!" Carli whined. Kassie walked over to us.

"Carli, go use that cactus over there to please your needs. Get the fuck away from MY boyfriend." She shouted. Holy shit, cat fight!

"Oh look, its the leader of The Ugly Patrol!" Carli snorted.

"I'd rather be on The Ugly Patrol then the Skank Squad." Kassie replied back, not missing a beat. Carli left after she said that. We all laughed, and Kassie and Lea went off somewhere, chatting and giggling.
"Awhh Lukey our ladies are hitting it off!" Mikey said.

"Haha, they are. Hey where's Cal and Ashton?" I asked.

"Uh.. I saw Ashton running off with some girl. Calum was sitting in a corner eating chips." He said. I told him I'd go find them, just to let them know Lea and I are here. I had to squeeze my way through a crowd of drunk teenagers, before making my way into the kitchen, where a few guys and girls were either getting a glass of some alcoholic beverage or in there to get some food. I saw Lea trying to get away from this guy. He kept grabbing her, touching her all over. I walked up to him.

"Hey asshole, hands off my girlfriend."



Sorry it has taken so long for me to update. I'm currently writing 5 other stories(I know, its a lot) while getting ready to move. I'm also trying to manage having a youtube channel and learning our lyrical in dance. So I'm super sorry if I don't update in a while. I love you guys xx

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