Lego House

I thought my life was perfect.
My friends and I's band, Five Seconds Of Summer, touring all around, meeting fans and living our dream.
But right now, I got to figure out something-
Where my child's mother is, and why she left her on my doorstep.


1. Prologue

It was dark and stormy outside tonight. Thunder was cackling up in the gray sky, while rain poured down onto everything outside. I was laying on my couch, watching a movie when I heard a knock on my door. Assuming it was one of my lads, I jumped up and ran over to the door.

"Hey-" I said, being cut off. No one? I assumed it was some dumb neighborhood kids playing ding-dong ditch.

"Fuckers" I mumbled. I slammed my door, pissed at the immature teens. I walk into my kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water out. I was drinking it, when I heard a cry. Not like a teenager or adult, more like a child. I walk over to my window, glancing out to see if someone is outside or something. I saw nothing but darkness, rain, and lightening. I walk over to my front door, slip on some sandals and a jacket, and open the door. I went to walk out, and my foot hit something.

"Son of a bitch!" I yelped, looking down, shocked at what I seen.

My life is over.

How is this possible?
I mean, I've seen this in a movie before, but I never thought this stuff actually happened.

I can't take my eyes off this sight. I realized it was still stormy outside so I grabbed it and brought it inside. I was scared, worried, panicked, stressed, and just overwhelmed. I called up my mum, figuring out what to do.

"Hey sweetie" I hear my mum say cheerfully.


"Luke? Hun is something wrong?" She said, letting the more concerned side of her come out in those words.

"Mum.. I.. I dunno what to do..." I said, still in shock.

"Luke, what don't you know? Are you trying to make soup again? Don't burn down the house. You know what? I'll come help you!" She kept going on.

"Mum, I am not making food. This is a life changing thing.."

"Well then what is it Luke?"


"Lucas Robert Hemmings, I brought you into this world now you tell me what is going on before I take ya out." She sassed at me. Probably picked it up from Louis when we toured together.

"I... I have a baby..."

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