The Life Of Victoria Slabe

I'm Victoria and I am writing a diary on what I go through EVERY DAY. Enjoy!


4. June 5,2014

Today I woke up early to go to my cousins only Nicholas was there AJ wasn't. When my aunt saw that I was bored she made Nicholas go outside with me to take a walk down the road and see if nikole was home. Nikole wasn't home so we just talked. When my mom picked me up she dropped me off at home and my grandpa watched me. My mom think I should stay home alone but,i honestly don't want to. And this is why: when my dad came home my mom called me and said she got an alert in her phone and it said that there is men dressed as carpenters breaking into people's houses and robbing them. She told me to lock all the doors,windows, and close the garage door. I did. They still haven't caught them. After all that I went to see the fault in our stars movie with my friends pooja and abby. I got home at 11:30 and now it's 1:10 am. I guess I will go to sleep goodnight:)

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