The Life Of Victoria Slabe

I'm Victoria and I am writing a diary on what I go through EVERY DAY. Enjoy!


2. June 3,2014

So today I woke up early to go to the dentist. I wasn't nervous until I got into the room. My P.O.V: I was in the chair and they put this laughing gads thing on me. Then they told my parents that they had to leave before they did the IV. I didn't like that so I grabbed my mom and my parents stayed. During the IV it didn't hurt that bad but, he had to move the needle around because he couldn't find my vein. That FRICKING HURT ALOT! After that my parents left and I started to calm down from the laughing gas. Then I heard him say that he was putting in the medicine through the IV. Then I don't remember what happened after that other than the assistant taking my blood pressure. I could tell that the IV was in the whole time because afterwards ( still is there) there is a HUGE hole where the needle was. The doctor told me to wake up and I woke up in a room with just my mom and the assistant doctor. They signed my cast after the surgery lol. My face was numb until about 11:30. I couldn't really eat anything so I'm STARVING! It's 1:11 AM right now and I'm just playing on my phone probobally going to sleep in a few minutes so goodnight:)

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