girlfriends and boyfriend

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3. chapter 3

well a day after i woked up had breakfast and went to school well you know we had a fghit the day before well today i went to school and the hole tghing was still huge and the fghit went bigger and bigger well we nedded to bring our bag and then i found a love note there was writing i love you alott on it and i shocked it was luigi omg ewwwww and then i saw it to my bf aaliyah and she was going to die with laugh and then i trowded in the bin were its supposed to be and then a day after i noticed who wrote me that letter  it was aaliyah that day i had a bad day because she did me a prank well a day after i broked my foot but not my foot my nail i broked it with a rock well i had to go to school with my flipflop(loooooooool)well than i noticed what aaliyah did to me and than i did on her and i did the same thing and ..........seeee in chapter 4

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