girlfriends and boyfriend

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2. chapter 2

welllll his name is Josh he has dark hair he is tall he has brown eyes and his hobbie is football and he is 11 years old well then i like some one from class his name is mouied and he is sooooo soooooo cute well his eyes are brown his hair  is dark and his hobbie is football and he is 11 like me years old well he is not an imagination  boy well i lovee him so much well this huge fghit began well you know luigi was trying to get aaliyah gelious and aaliyah was trying to get luigi gelious well luigi said tell me questions and i all unswer them for you well aaliyah started whats her name her name is luccie(i say that her name is lettce hahahaha)than she said whats her surname her surname is borg and than her favorite colour is purple her favorite food is pasta what colour are her eyes brownand alott and alott of questions well than aaliyah said the same and then luigi sterted asking questions whats his name josh what colour are his eyes brown what is his hobbie football what dose he like to eat  he like to eat(spagetti,pizza)and alott more but then luigi said well did you kiss him aaliyah said it is none oof yyour beaswecks but if you wanna know i did kiss him ok happy i told you all of this (well i didnt mension sometghing and i would like to mention it konw these two were together like boyfriend and girlfriend well this why it all started the huge fghit)and then aaliyah asked luigi the same question and he was thinking and he said wellllllllllll whats his eyes again pls and aaliyah notesed that he didnt kissed her so she said why didnt you asked my question she said i know why because mmmmm you didnt kissed her (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

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