caught in the middle of death

A young girl by the name of Annie finds herself going on a mysteriously scary adventure to find her brother after he was kidnaped by an devil. But as the population of devils grow will Annie make it in time or will it all be to late????


3. The journey

Annie began her way along the countryside on a mission to find her brother. Although  Annie was lost and had know clue where she was going. " Excuse me " she began to  a woman walking past "Do you know ...." but the  woman just walked away as if Annie wasn't even there. 


A judge castle stood at the far end of the view. Just on the brink of horizon. ​It may not be there right place but at least it is a starting point. So wi that Annie thought the little bag  over  her shoulder. 


The sun was just rising as Annie reached the castle but the nearer and nearer she came Annie could  see fire being thrown and black figures emerging. That was the place alright. Slowly Annie made her way up the wooden path , her footsteps clanking on the floor with every step she made. This was it.  The time she would eigher die or safe the day. With all of her might, Annie pushed open the wooden door. Sweet trickling down her spine. Its rather quite in here. All of a sudden a huge black figure with wings swooped down and grabbed the each of Annie coat and flew her to the cave yard 

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