caught in the middle of death

A young girl by the name of Annie finds herself going on a mysteriously scary adventure to find her brother after he was kidnaped by an devil. But as the population of devils grow will Annie make it in time or will it all be to late????


4. The end

Annie was thrown into a graveyard as the black like figure crashed down beside her. "www-who are you aaa-and www-what do yy-you want with mm-me" explains a trembling Annie. " Don't you know who we are". Annie gave a quick shake of her head as the devil circled her explaining there story. " We are hollows,  all of us. Your uncle and your mum and dad ..." . "MUM AND DAD !!!" Annie screamed. She had know clue they where dead to. "Of course this is a predictable story so we all  saw it comeinf now listen up carefully.... We are unwanted spirits the kind that every one has given up hope on and know one remembers." "So what do you want with me" explained Annie. " We have all be trying to catch  you ......" "I had noticed that" explaind Annie. The hollow gave there a look and continued his story. " We need to welcome you to our side... I hate to brake it to you but everyone who had ever cared for you is dead and on our side. so join us. Be with your family!!! "  " I think you are forgetting one thing." explained Annie " I am not dead!" 


The hollow took his long narrow finger and pointed it to the grave stone behind her. As Annie turn't around slowly as the grave stone read. ...


Annie fox september 2003 _ october 20014 


The hollow lifted up the side of her tee-shirt reviling the tree dagger marks pieced though the middle of her. "You have been in limbo all this time!!" With that the hollow staged Annie one last time as she became on of them. Still to this day people say they are around when ever death is near!! 

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