He must PAY (Harry Styles)


2. memories

It's been a week since the funeral,and Harry hasn't shown up,not once. I knew he didn't care about us anymore but u would think he would come! My heart breaks ever time I think of mom. Every time I think of her coffin he lowered into the Earth..her frail body in the hospital bed...the heart monitor going off,telling us her heart stopped..the hospital room..waiting for that curly haired boy to come visit his sick mother..even mom was waiting for him,I called him at least 10 times.(I just came back from my grandpa's funeral,so I know what it's like to watch as the one u love gets lowered into the earth.) Mom held on for 3 extra weeks,waiting for him. She was supposed to die 3 weeks before she did. I'll call one more time I guess,can't hurt right? I dial his number.


"Ello? Who is this?" His deep voice says. He actually answered.

"She's dead Harry,Mom's dead. Her funeral was a week ago. Your 'people' kept answering your phone. They said that I was just a crazy fan trying to contact you. Could u maybe talk to them about that?"

"She-She's what?!!" He says,panicked

"She's dead. She held on 3 weeks for you. She was supposed to die 3 weeks earlier than she did. All she did was stare at the door and ask me where you were...I tried to get a hold of you..and I texted you how she was and updates and everything,thinking you would come."

"Someone is gonna get a piece of my mind." He says,frustrated.

"Harry calm down. How about u come down here and visit?"

"I'll call you back,I've gotta go to a interview."

"Call me as soon as ur done."

"I will. Bye Sophie" he hung up on me.

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