My Bobby

16 year old Emily Harbor is best friends with a boy named Bobby Howard. But Bobby's not your average boy. Bobby has a mild case of autism, and he doesn't have many friends. But Emily has a lot. When Emily realizes that Bobby is taking a toll on her relationships, what happens? What happens when Emily finds out something about Bobby that changes everything? What happens to Emily when she realizes that she still loves him anyway?


4. Chapter 4

I've narrowed down my selection of dresses to three. A baby pink sleeveless dress with silver sparkles, a yellow dress with one strap and shimmering shawl, and a tight turquoise dress that showed strips of my waist. I threw out the turquoise one automatically; Brooke said that I'll stop traffic in that dress. It was so hard to decide which dress to wear until Erin and Maddie threw out the yellow one because they said the shawl made me look like an old, crusty lady. So I decided on the baby pink one. Brooke chose a vibrant red dress that was tight to her thighs and made a X across her back. She left her vibrant red hair straightened and wore a red bow with red pumps. Maddie decided on light yellow floor length sleeveless dress that had a shimmering bodice. Her black hair was pinned up in an elaborate bun and she wore lemon pumps. Erin wore a navy dress with a sparkly tutu skirt, her blonde hair in a simple braid. With my baby pink dress I put sparkles in my auburn hair and curled it, outlining my silvery gray eyes with eyeliner. Pulling on white lace gloves I smile in the mirror. Tomorrow was going to be perfect.

Caleb picked me up at my house after fifteen minuets of pictures from my mom. Hey baby girl. He says in my ear, making me shiver. At the dance he goes to his football buddies and I look for Brooke. I feel a tap on my back and see Bobby standing there, wearing a turquoise tie, his mouth agape. H-hey Em. He grins. You're beautiful. I blush and smile a little. Thanks Bobby. I straighten his hair with my fingers. Find a pretty girl. He looks at me, confused. But you're pretty. I laugh a little and feel a hand go around my waist and smell cologne. Caleb. He squeezes my waist and I withdraw my hands. Hey Bobby. Bobby looks at Caleb and nods once. Let's dance, babe. Caleb whispers and spins me away from Bobby. I dance to the fast music with Caleb, and after four songs, I'm wiped out. I kiss Caleb once. I'm.......dying. I pant. He laughs as I make my way towards to the food table. I'm drinking punch when I see Bobby leaning against the wall, talking to the blonde girl, Willow. She had a gray dress that sparkled when she shifted and black glasses. She laughs and he gives her a lopsided grin. She hands him a piece of paper and I bite my lip. He puts it in his pocket and types something into her phone. She waves goodbye and moves through the crowd. I walk up to Bobby. Hey. I say softly. Having fun? His eyes sparked. Oh sure, Willow's great! I force a smile on my face. Great. A slow song comes on. You wanna dance, Bobby? He looks at me and his eyes grow to saucers. M-me? D-dance with you? He swallows. Caleb...... I shake my head and pulls his hands onto the dance floor. I put his arms around my waist and I loop my arms around his neck we sway gently and talk a little. He says we could go to the movies on Monday after school. Then I get closer to him. I could almost hear his heartbeat, and I lay my head on his shoulder. He whimpers a little. You okay? I say softly. I feel his Adam's Apple bob. Emily. He moans my name softly and I close my eyes. I could hear Bobby's uneven breathing even out slowly, and he puts his chin on my forehead. Caleb....... He says gently. Shhh. I shush him, just wanting to block everything out, block everyone out, block reality out, for just. One. More. Moment.

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