My Bobby

16 year old Emily Harbor is best friends with a boy named Bobby Howard. But Bobby's not your average boy. Bobby has a mild case of autism, and he doesn't have many friends. But Emily has a lot. When Emily realizes that Bobby is taking a toll on her relationships, what happens? What happens when Emily finds out something about Bobby that changes everything? What happens to Emily when she realizes that she still loves him anyway?


2. Chapter 2

I rap my fingers against the desk in second period, staring at the door. How was I going to tell Bobby? We've planned to see Chucky for weeks. He's been waiting forever to see it. How could I tell him I dropped him for my friends? He walks in and sits next to me, smiling. Hey Em, you r-ready f-for tomorrow? My heart hurts and I spin a lie. Bobby, I can't go to the movies with you tomorrow. His face falls. It hurts to see it and my stomach squeezes. Why not? His voice was completely clear. It only got like that when he was sad. I look at my desk. My mom grounded me for making a hole in my room. I look at him and smile a little. His face stays in the same, upset frown. I reach for his hand. We can watch it on Saturday. I say gently. He pulls his hand back. Whatever Emily. Sure. My throat tightens. He rarely calls me Emily. He didn't look at me for the rest of the class period. I put my hand on his arm, and I feel his muscles tense under my touch. He looks up at me. Yeah? I'm sorry. He doesn't reply but takes his bag and stands up. I tilt my head back a little to look at his face. I'll text you, okay? He pretends like he doesn't hear me and he walks out the door. I suddenly get mad. So what if I had other friends? Why shouldn't it bother him? It's just a movie, he's just being dramatic. I yank my bag up and storm out. In the door collide with Caleb Jacobs. His papers go flying and I gasp, falling to my knees and picking them up. I'm so sorry Caleb! He's picking them up next to me and laughs. No big deal Emily. His hand covers mine. I blush and look into his light green eyes. He helps me up and grins at me. I hand him his papers. See you in 7th period? He grins, walking away. Yeah! I call after him. Whoa, he held my hand. That was a rush. I pick up my bag and walk down the hall. I couldn't wait until 7th period.

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