My Bobby

16 year old Emily Harbor is best friends with a boy named Bobby Howard. But Bobby's not your average boy. Bobby has a mild case of autism, and he doesn't have many friends. But Emily has a lot. When Emily realizes that Bobby is taking a toll on her relationships, what happens? What happens when Emily finds out something about Bobby that changes everything? What happens to Emily when she realizes that she still loves him anyway?


14. Chapter 13

I knew I had to make it up to Bobby. I had to. I wash my hair twice to get away the greasy look. I take a shower and spray myself with the sweetest perfume I had. It was time for Operation look innocent. I straighten my hair and leave it loose, putting on a little mascara and blush with light gloss. No leather jackets and combat boots for me. I put everything black or dark shaded clothes into one pile, and I work with my light colors. I didn't really have that much to work with. I don't know why; I just went for more dark colored outfits than light colored. White was innocent, right? I pull out my first option. A white blouse with white shorts and a gray belt with matching scarf. I'd wear it with white flipflops. I decided to ditch that. It was too much. I decide to wear a spaghetti strapped simple white dress that came to my knees and had a light brown belt around my waist with a silver necklace and charm bracelet. I wear matching light brown caged sandals and silver heart earrings. I pull my hair into a high ponytail and spin in the mirror. I breathed innocence. I smile at my appearance when my door open. My older brother Jake stares at me. What? I smile innocently, trying to look angelic. He smiles and leans against the doorway. Who is it? Which guys's parents's house you going to? I scowl. I can't dress like this? He shakes his head, holding in his laughter. No. No you can't. I narrow my eyes. He gestures to the dark pile. What happened to your Pierce the veil shirt and leather jackets? Combat boots and off shoulder tops with curse words? I narrow my eyes. Bye Jake. I snap, walking out the door and into the car.

I ring the doorbell and rock on my heels, waiting. The door opens and I immediately blush. Bobby's cologne immediately surrounds me and I bite my lip. He had no shirt, again, and his usual cross necklace with black cargo shorts. He pulls his headphones off of his ears, and I could hear the music from them as he slings them around his neck. What do you want? The hardness of his voice is so strong, it makes me step back. Bobby, let me explain. He narrows his eyes and attempts to close the door and I put my foot in the way. He looks at me. Please. I whisper. He grunts and lets the door free, walking into his house. I follow him into a kitchen. He opens the fridge and takes out two cokes. He throws me one and leans against the fridge. Go ahead. I sit the coke aside and hop on the counter, taking a deep breath. One question first. I swallow, looking down as tears fill my eyes. Why did you call me a........a bitch? His bottom lip shakes before he tightens his jaw. I don't know. I was pissed Em. I nod and look up. Did you mean it? He meets my eyes before he throws his neck back and chugs his coke. He breathes through his nose. No. No Em, I didn't. I smile a little. Then I couldn't hold it back anymore. Bobby I...... I pause and swallow. Bobby stares at me. Bobby, I love you. His eyes grow wide and he walks quickly towards me, craning his neck so his lips almost touch my pale skin. I feel his warm breath against my skin, and my breathing quickens in anticipation. He presses his lips against my neck and I let out a surprised gasp and he puts his hands on my waist. Then Bobby's mouth meets mine and it's different than any kiss I've had before. Then he picks me up and I don't care where he takes me, I was just happy that I was in his arms.

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