My Bobby

16 year old Emily Harbor is best friends with a boy named Bobby Howard. But Bobby's not your average boy. Bobby has a mild case of autism, and he doesn't have many friends. But Emily has a lot. When Emily realizes that Bobby is taking a toll on her relationships, what happens? What happens when Emily finds out something about Bobby that changes everything? What happens to Emily when she realizes that she still loves him anyway?


13. Chapter 12

For the first time, I sit across from Bobby at lunch. He bites into his sandwhich and stops mid chew staring at me in bewilderment. He swallows. Hi. He says it like its a question. I smile a little. Hey. He looked nervous. Uh, Em? I open my apples, not looking at him. Yeah Bobby? His voice sounded strange. Why are you sitting with me? I look up and stare into his eyes. He bites his lower lip and returns my gaze. I divert my eyes back to my tray and open my grape juice. He doesn't say anything. Hey Baby! A perky voice calls. I whip around and see Willow bounding next to Bobby, planting a kiss on his cheek and sitting in the chair next to his. She frowns when she sees me. What is she doing here? She flips a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. I could say the same. I snap. Bobby, is she your girlfriend? Bobby's mouth was half open in shock as we screamed at each other. Then he brings his fists down on the table. Be quiet! He yells. We fall silent immediately. He stands up and leaves the cafeteria. Willow glares at me. Bitch. She seethes. I cross my arms. I'm the bitch? Oh, it is on sister. Bring it. She smiles and puts her hands on her hips. Let the best girl win. And she strides to her friends's table. I run off after Bobby.

I catch up with him in the hallway. Bobby! I whisper yell. Bobby! Bobby! He stops and whips around so quick, I stumble. His face was flaming red. What the hell was that?! He yells in my face. I widen my eyes. Bobby never yelled, let alone cursed. He hated it when I did it. Willow could've been my first girlfriend and you ruined it! Don't start acting like you care about me because I know you don't! I'm stunned. I do care about you Bobby. I say quietly. No you don't! He yells. If you did care about me, why do you not talk to me while you are with your friends? Why don't you sit next to me at lunch? Why don't you walk down the hall with me? That's why you go early to school, huh? Just in case I show up, no one will see you hanging out with me! I open my mouth but close it fast. Exactly. His voice is hard and his blue eyes flamed. I can't believe I loved you so blindly that I couldn't see you for who you really are. A conceited bitch. He turns around and walks away. My breathing becomes uneven, and I run into the janitor's closet. I cant believe he said that to me. And I bury my head in my arms, sobbing, hoping that someone would just come in and kill me. I realized something that day. I was in love with Bobby Howard.

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