My Bobby

16 year old Emily Harbor is best friends with a boy named Bobby Howard. But Bobby's not your average boy. Bobby has a mild case of autism, and he doesn't have many friends. But Emily has a lot. When Emily realizes that Bobby is taking a toll on her relationships, what happens? What happens when Emily finds out something about Bobby that changes everything? What happens to Emily when she realizes that she still loves him anyway?


12. Chapter 11

When I woke up, Bobby was gone, but I still wore his shirt. I take in a deep whiff of it and sigh, laying back against my sheets. I've come to love his scent. I roll over and check the time. 6:00. Oh shit! I yell, scrambling to my feet. I had to get to school! I quickly wash my hair and pull on a Pierce the Veil shirt with a gray leather jacket and black skinny jeans, slipping my feet into white toms, grabbing my book bag and running to my car. I pull my auburn hair into a high ponytail as I put the key in the ignition. Oh man. I couldn't write early today. I speed to the school, praying that this wasn't the day Bobby came early for me.

When I get to school the bell had just rung, and students filled the entrance of the building. I yank up my checked bag and stride into the school, running to my locker. When I open it, a baby blue paper flutters to the ground and I smile.

Dear Emily,

You know who I am

I can't tell you who I am

But I see your face when you read my letters

And it makes me feel better


Your secret admirer

I look around, but no one's staring at me. I bite my lip and smile, putting the paper in my locker. It was the 5th one I got that week. I lean against my locker, closing my eyes. Caleb and I decided to do a big blowup argument in the hallway in front of everyone, where the person who did this to me would have to see. And it I walk to the center of the hallway, and Caleb follows my cue. I put my hands on my hips. Caleb, it's over. I try to look like I'm fighting tears. I had the entire hallway's attention now. He looks utterly shocked. B-but why? He clenches his fists. Is it because of the autistic kid? The hallway gasps and I see Bobby watching it play out, biting his lip. But.......mentioning Bobby wasn't in the script. I press my lips together. No Caleb. It just isn't working out. I don't even know you anymore. His green eyes flare. No wonder he was in drama- this guy is good. Fine. Just piss off to your little boyfriend. He snaps. Fine! I yell. Fine! He growls. We stomp off in different directions. Our plan was to meet at the fourth stairwell. When I get up there, he's already there and he takes my face in his hands, kissing me hard. I kiss him back, smiling against the kiss. I break it first. Good job. He grins. I frown. But Bobby wasn't mentioned in the script. Caleb takes my hands. I don't know why you even hang out with that loser anyway. You can't even understand him. He snickers. I pull my hands out of his, staring at him in disbelief. He smiles lopsidedly. Come on babe, you know it's true. I shake my head slowly. You don't know Bobby. I snap. Whatever. Caleb leans forward to kiss me but I push him away. This is over. Bobby's special to me. I walk down the stairs holding back my tears. When I get to the bottom, Bobby's standing there, waiting for me. Like he always has. And I run into his arms, unable to hold my tears back anymore. He holds me tight in his arms and lets me cry. I no longer cared who saw me. I just wanted to be in the arms of the only person who still cared about me.

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