The Teacher's Pet

I'm falling deeper into his aqua blue eyes with every breath I take. I long to reach out and run my small pale hand through his chocolate locks. I want him to be mine. No. I need him to be mine. I can see it now, just the two of use, lying side by side in a field of sweet smelling emerald green grass with tiny golden buttercups scattered delicately around the blanket of green. The warm breeze would ruffle my long auburn hair and we would laugh together as one of his strong hands gently brushed the hair from my face. He would slowly lean towards me, our faces just inches apart and then...

Find out what happens when Melody falls for the wrong guy. A guy she can never have. A guy who can never want her. Or could he.


2. Chapter Two

Melody's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe what I was actually seeing. I stood staring into the corridors which were ablaze. The flames were growing every second and I just I stood gorping at my teacher who was still looking at me like I was some sort of alien from Venus.

"Are you alright?" His cocky tone had turned to a concerned and some what soothing voice. "It's getting hot in here. Don't you think?" I didn't know what to do. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I could barely breathe. I took a few deep breaths, the best I could anyway, and tried to from a sentence.

"L... look behind y... you." I mumbled barely audible to my own ears so I was surprised when he did as I said.  I think I saw the hairs on his neck raise but I think I was probably just imagining it; and though I couldn't see his face as he was turned away from me I knew that if he was anything like me then he was probably white as a ghost. 

The flames had risen even more and I could feel the heat burning me even though I still had a good couple of meters between me and the fire itself. I couldn't think properly now and my eyes had started filling with tears. The first one fell down my burning cheek and I could feel the coolness of the salty water. OMG, I was going to die, I was going to burn to death and the only person I had here with me was my extremely annoying and excruciatingly cocky teacher who I had known for about 30 minutes. Great! (Note the sarcasm).

The next thing I knew was I had a pair of large, cool arms wrapped around my shoulders, dragging me over to the wall in the far end of the classroom. By this time, I didn't really mind whose they were, I was just glad to be in the safety of their arms. I decided that I should look up and my blue eyes met a pair of comforting blue-green ones just centimeters away from my tear stained face. I could feel his cool breath on my face as he whispered calming words into my ears. It trailed down the back of my neck and sent a shiver down my spine. It was now, at the most innappropriate time possible, that I realised that my teacher was actually really hot. 

I hadn't realized just how much I was crying until I caught a glimpse of myself in the rapidly steaming up mirror on the classroom wall. My mascara had run down my face, my eyes were red and puffy and the tears had left light lines running down my cheeks where my foundation had washed away. I could taste salty tears in my mouth and I swear Mr, well what was his name again, that doesn't matter. Anyway, I swear he could hear my heart beating at about a thousand times a minute. If he wasn't holding me upright, I think my knees would have given way by now. I was actually grateful for him right now. 

"It's okay. Everything will be alright." He kept mumbling into my ears. I think he was trying to reassure himself just as much as me. "They'll come and get us soon, I promise."

Why was he making promises he couldn't keep? Sure all the girls in the school would be frantically looking for him, but no one except for Damon perhaps would even consider looking for me; why was he being so kind and sweet anyway, from the way I started the lesson, he should hate me already, why was he trying to be nice to me? He's probably just waiting for someone to come and find him so he can leave me in here on my own. It wouldn't surprise me.

"W... why are y... you being so n... nice to" I managed to stutter out. "I was nothing b... but a... annoying to y... you"

"Because I can see you need me here." He said whilst looking down at me with a cocky smile and winked at me. He was back. He was a jerk again. Why had I let myself feel so safe and protected in his arms? He didn't actually give two fucks about me. He just didn't want to look bad if someone walked in. That must have been why he was being so nice to me. Right?

"And your back again." I said coldly whilst untangling myself from his cool arms. I felt the heat hit me the moment I did and wished I hadn't left his grip but it was too late now. I wiped the remaining tears from my face before speaking again. "Your cocky, stuck up self is back. I can see all that was just an act."

"No it wasn't an act. I could see that you were scared and me being your teacher had to help." He said and I momentarilly forgot about the flames which would soon engulf the entire room.

"Then why did you have to say it like that?" I asked. "Why can't you just be like a normal teacher and not flirt with the girls, not act all cocky and just be a teacher."

He looked slightly taken aback and I guess he did have a right to be. I had just insulted him again. I carried on all the same though.

"I've known you for what, just over half an hour and I can already tell that we will probably get on each others nerves." 

I don't know where my sudden confidence had come from but I wasn't as scared of the fire anymore. When I think about it, the fire engines will be here soon and then the blazing flames would be put out and everything could be normal again.

Just as the thought popped into my head, I could hear the wails of fire engines, police cars and ambulances coming from the car park just outside the school. I let out a breath that I hadn't realized I was holding in and walk even further away from him. I quickly glanced up at him for just a moment and I think I saw sadness and regret in his eyes as if I had upset him with what I had just said. What was all that about?

I could hear someone running through the halls, no doubt it was a fireman or something. I quickly ran as close to the door as I could and was about to shout for help but as I did so, I slipped and fell to the floor with a thud. I saw Sir run up to be but then I blacked out.


By the time I woke up, the fires were out and I was sat in the back of an ambulance in the school field. Most of the students had walked home or worried parents had picked them up. I was hooked up to an oxygen machine with a mask over half of my face because, even though when I was in the building I hadn't realized, I had breathed in way to much carbon monoxide and it was definitely not good for me. I remembered my science lesson about carbon monoxide poisoning but as soon as I remembered the after affects, I wish I hadn't. I pushed the thought out of my head and looked for Damon. I could't see him anywhere so I guess he must have gone home or something.

"Kieran, I mean, Mr Neat." The deep voice of our head teacher, Mr West, came from the side of me. "Can you come with me please?"

Kieran Neat, who was that? I knew most of the teachers here, but who was Kieran, I mean, Mr Neat?

My new drama teacher stood up and walked towards Mr West. So that's his name, Kieran, Kieran Neat. I like it, no, what am I saying, of course I don't.

I watched as they walked away from the ambulances and police cars until I couldn't see them anymore. I wonder if we'll get questioned because we were the only ones left in the school when the fire had blocked off the entrances. Will they ask us why we didn't come out with the rest of the class? If they do that, will he tell them what I said? He can't do that, it would ruin my perfect behavior and then I wouldn't get into the best college and then I wouldn't get a good job and then my life wouldn't mean anything and... okay Mel, calm down, just ask him nicely not to tell anyone. He might be cocky and arrogant but that doesn't mean that he's not reasonable. Oh who am I kidding? I'm busted.


I think I must have fallen asleep. That’s when I realized I was moving. I could smell a sweet, intoxicating scent. I couldn’t help but smile when this amazing aroma wafted gently around me. My eyelids gently fluttered open to reveal a pile of books stacked neatly on one of the black leather car seats. Where am I? Why are the books in the back seat of a car? Why am I in the back seat of a car? Have I been kidnapped? Is someone gonna rape me? I'm too young to die I haven’t even left school. I haven't ever…

 “Hey, Melody, it’s alright.” Wait what. Who was that? “Melz, it’s okay just look at me, everything’s fine, I'm not gonna hurt you.” Melz? Who calls me Melz? The last person to call me Melz was my old best friend Jamie who moved to Canada when we were 10.

Who was this person? They had a soft, sweet, calming voice but that didn’t stop the worry I still felt. I abruptly sat up and hit my head on the side of the door. I grabbed my head and yelped in pain.

“Shit. That fucking hu..." I started but stopped as soon as my eyes caught a glimpse of who was sat in the front seat of the car. My voice became lower and I quietly snarled at him. “Why am I here? Why am I with you?”

“I think the words you were looking for were thank you.” He was as cocky as ever. The way he kinked his right eyebrow up into a perfect arch and grinned a gorgeous smile which showed his adorable dimples was, well, adorable. I hadn't noticed his dimples before. He looks so… no, Melody Amelia Pond, snap out of it. He’s your arrogant teacher and probably a player who will sleep with most of the year even though it’s completely against all rules and laws.

“Well I guess if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” He realized I wasn’t going to thank him so I think he gave up on waiting for a thank you. “And you’re here because when you were sat in the back of the ambulance, you feel asleep so I said I’d take you home.”

He turned right and stopped outside Starbucks. Why are we her? He seemed to notice my confusion.

“Did you want one? Help you wake up a bit.” His voice was sweeter now and he cocked his eyebrows up in question. I was shocked that he was about taking me home let alone thought about getting a coffee with me. 

“Well? Did you?” He kept his voice calm though I knew I was probably agitating him. First I refuse to say thank you then I half ignore him. 

“Oh… Yeah, I'd love one, and thanks for offering to take me home.” I think that did the job though I felt the sudden urge to hug him. I couldn’t help it and leaned forward and wrapped my arms around him. I was caught off guard but not surprised at the size of his muscles. He, quite reluctantly, wrapped his huge arms around my waist. When I released him, he smiled at me. It wasn’t his cocky smile which is pretty sexy to be fair, but it was a sweet smile which made him look angelic and beautiful. Wait what am I saying? I don’t like him, he really annoys me. Stay focused Mel. And why did you hug him again? You just made things even more awkward. What if someone saw? How would you explain that dipshit? 

He opened his door and closed it behind him. I took a deep breath. ‘Melody, keep a hold of yourself. You just almost burned to death.’ I kept repeating it to myself hoping that I would actually believe it in a minute. I unfastened my seatbelt and just as I was about to open my door, it swung open almost causing me to fall out. I probably would have done if a pair of muscular arms didn't catch me. I looked up into those striking eyes. I shoved him off of me straight away but the loss of his warm arms around me made me shiver. I quietly huffed before climbing out of the car.

Only now could I see what car it was. I was absolutely gob smacked. He actually had my dream car! An Aston Martin Vanquish. It was a silver grey and I was totally shocked that he could actually afford it. I mean, he is on a teacher’s salary.

“I… I, I love your car.” I had to say it. I may have sounded really weird but I didn’t care.

“Oh you do?” He smiled at me and looked proud like a father would look at his son if he had just won an award.

“Yeah. I've wanted an Aston Martin Vanquish ever since I first saw one. I know that makes me sound like a car geek but I do really love it.” He was quiet for a few moments and I suddenly thought I'd possibly scared him. I mean I'd basically just been a bitch to him, then hugged him, then fell out of the car onto him and now I'm talking about cars. I've probably given him whiplash or something. Why won't he say anything?

 "Well say something." I said trying to break the awkwardness.

“Um… Thanks, you just confuse me that's all." Oh, that's all? "So do you wanna get something to drink or not?” He did sound confused and he murmured something under his breath. I don’t think he wanted me to hear it but I did. “I really don’t get women.” 

A quiet laugh escaped my lips but I bit my tongue before I burst out laughing. He turned around and looked at me strangely. What must he think of me.

“What?” he genuinely didn’t seem to realize I'd heard him and I decided not to embarrass him so I just shook my head and looked at my black converse before we both walked into Starbucks, me trying to hold in laughter and him still trying to decipher my little outburst. 

We headed to the counter to order our drinks and I saw him looking puzzled at the menu as if wondering what to buy. I looked behind the till and saw who was going to serve us. Shit!

“What’s wrong?” He looked at me confused.

“That man behind the counter, the one that’s gonna serve us, he's my ex-boyfriend.” I whispered. When the words left my lips, I saw his whole body tense up. “I can't let him see me. He never got over me braking up with him and he's kinda clingy.”

I saw him think for a couple of seconds before he spoke next.

“Okay what do you want?” he asked.

“What?” I was officially confused. I'd just told him that the man behind the counter was my clingy ex-boyfriend/stalker and he was asking me my order.

“Tell me what you want and then go sit in my car.” He turned to look at me whilst putting his hand is his pocket and passing me his keys. I was shocked that he trusted me in his amazing car; I mean I can drive, I love the car, so I could just steal it. I mean I'm not going to steal it, but I could.

“Um, I’ll have a, um, a white hot chocolate with cream please.”

“Yeah, sure.” He said whilst I took the keys. “Did you want sprinkles?” He winked and I blushed and hesitantly nodded which caused him to smile. He actually does have an amazing when he wasn’t being all cocky.

I went to take out my purse to give him the money for my hot chocolate but he took my hand before I could take out my purse. It sent tingles all the way up my arm and for a moment I forgot everything that was going on around me.

I was snapped out of it when he cleared his throat. He was still holding my hand and when I looked down at it, he quickly let go. The nice feeling was gone and I tried to say something to insist that I would pay but he quickly pushed me away.

“Go back to the car. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.” He was so annoying. Why wouldn’t he let me pay? Let me guess, he’s trying to be a gentleman after how he was acting earlier in class. Well it wasn’t going to work on me. I don’t like him, he annoys me. But why did I feel like that we he touched me. “I said go sweetheart.”

Why did he call me sweetheart and why did it make my tummy go all fluttery? I simply glared at him and walked out to the car. As I reached the car, I took the keys he had given me and unlocked it. I noticed that he had a key ring with a boy, who I presumed was him as he was definitely too young to have kids, and a young girl on. She looked about 5 years old and had long blonde hair with the same striking blue-green eyes as him. I climbed into the car and closed the door behind me before studying the key ring picture some more.

It looked like they were outside and the sky was clear and pale blue. She was wearing a short pink summer dress and I couldn’t help but notice that he was only wearing a pair of black skinny jeans which were ripped at the knees and a pair of black and white blazers. That was it. No top, just jeans and shoes and boy did he look hot. So what if I don’t particularly like him, I don’t really like Taylor Lautner but I still think he's pretty fit. Mr… um… I forgot to ask him his name again but anyway, let’s call him Sir. So, you could see that ‘Sir’ had a pretty nice body through his tight white shirt which to be honest, would probably rip if he flexed his muscled too much. Anyway, you could see that he must work out but he looked so much hotter topless than I had actually imagined (not that I had ever imagined him topless but you get what I mean). He looked about 14 in the picture so yes I sound like a perv saying this seeing as I'm 17 but if he looked that good at 13 or 14 then he must look even better now. 


I almost had a heart attack when I heard the three knocks on the window beside me. I looked to my left to see a hysterical ‘Sir’ laughing at my reaction. Thanks by the way. I hadn't realised that I'd locked the car after I got in, habit I guess, but I quickly unlocked it and watched him walk round the front of the car to the driver’s side and get in. He gave me my hot chocolate and I held it to warm my somehow freezing hands. Actually, now I think about it, all of my body was cold. I was shivering, probably from fright. He saw me shivering and turned up the heating in the car. He then took the keys out of my hand and saw what I had been looking at before he scared the shit out of me. Oh god, what was he gonna say now. 

“So, you like what you see?” He said looking at the key ring and then back at me, chuckling quietly.

“Ha. You wish.” I said trying to sound more confident than I was.

“You know I'm like 12 or 13 in that picture right? Well anyway, you seemed to be pretty engrossed with this thing before I almost scared you to death. Sorry about that by the way.” He became more serious when he said the last part but couldn’t keep the straight face for long. After a few seconds, he was almost crying with laughter. By now my cheeks were probably crimson.

“Well, I just wanted to know who the girl you are with is?” I questioned.

“Um, that’s my sister.” He looked down and let out a small sigh.

“Well, she’s very pretty.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Yeah, she was.”

“What do you mean, was?” I was starting to get confused now. Why was he so sad about his sister? 

“Well, she… um… er.” He stuttered and I knew something wasn’t quite right but I was getting impatient. What can be that bad that he can't tell me? What, did they have a fight or something.

“Just spit it out!” I know I may have sounded harsh but I needed to know. I guess I'm slightly short-tempered if that's the right word.

“She died okay” He shouted. “She died.” 

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