The Teacher's Pet

I'm falling deeper into his aqua blue eyes with every breath I take. I long to reach out and run my small pale hand through his chocolate locks. I want him to be mine. No. I need him to be mine. I can see it now, just the two of use, lying side by side in a field of sweet smelling emerald green grass with tiny golden buttercups scattered delicately around the blanket of green. The warm breeze would ruffle my long auburn hair and we would laugh together as one of his strong hands gently brushed the hair from my face. He would slowly lean towards me, our faces just inches apart and then...

Find out what happens when Melody falls for the wrong guy. A guy she can never have. A guy who can never want her. Or could he.


1. Chapter One

Melody's P.O.V.

It was time for drama with Mr Mason, great. I mean, I love drama but we must have the world's most boring teacher. He makes us write pages and pages of junk and then at the end of the lesson, he collects them in and then throws them away when he thinks no one's watching. He could at least pretend he cares. He also lectures. Not about exciting things or even anything to do with drama. No. He talks about his cats, what are their names again, Tigerlily and Casper. I think I learnt more about grooming cats than any actual work. 

Okay, before I get too into my rant about my dodgy drama teacher, let me introduce myself. My name's Melody but please, just call me Mel. I'm in my final year of high school which makes me 18, well, almost 18. I have no brothers or sisters and my dad left when I was young so I live with my mum. Obviously that's not all that goes on in my life but I'll get round to everything sooner or later.

As me and Damon casually made are way to class because, as usual, we were very early, I tried to prepare myself for the long speech we were most probably about to receive.

"What are you thinking of?" Damon asked whilst looking down at me. He's tall, very tall. So, when I say that he looked down at me, he really did.

"Just wondering what Mr Mason has planned for us today. Will it be a 20 minute long explaination on how to correctly brush a cat or how much he hates his ex-wife Imogen?" I laughed at my own comment and so did Damon which only mad me laugh more.

"I bet you £10 that he starts to talk about his cats. Deal?"he offered me his hand and I shook it.

"Deal." We laughed before I spoke again. "I have to go to the bathroom" I said to Damon, already starting to go in. 

"Okay. I'll wait out here." I gave him a little wave before opening the toilet door.

I walked in, silently praying that it was empty. I hate standing there awkwardly, doing your hair and make-up, having a conversation with someone you really don't like. To my despair, the 'it girls' were in there applying ridiculous amounts of foundation and then covering their eyes in mascara, liner and eye shadow before topping off the whole baby prostitute look with bright red lippy. I don't get why they're so popular, I mean they're all so fake. Why do boys like that?

"Oh look who it is!" The queen bee of the school said mockingly whilst giving me a death stare. I really don't like Valerie Petrova. "It's a little nerd. I bet her retarded gay friend is outside. Maybe we should go get Owen and the other jocks to beat him up!" That was it. I could take them being mean to me but when it came to Damon, I wouldn't stand for it. 

"What is your problem?" I shouted. The anger and hatred that had built in me since primary school in these words "So what, he's gay get over it, and get over yourselves! Oh and shut the fuck up before I pull those stupid extensions out of your fat, air-filled head."

They all looked slightly taken aback by my outburst. It had surprised me too; I have never said something like that before. I don't know what came over me. That said, I was still glad I had said it.

"You, you, you...." She struggled to find the right words and before she could finish, I spun around and stormed out of the bathroom whilst shouting back at her "That's what I thought!" 

I swear they are all mentally ill or are severely corrupt in their heads. Why do they find it so wrong that Damon is gay? It's not the 17th century anymore, it's the fucking 21st. Who actually cares, it's not even any of their business anyway. Damon is probably the nicest, sweetest and most down to earth person I know but they don't even give him a chance. Why do they judge people by the way they look or how much money they have, by the way the act or what they're interested in or their freaking sexuality. If you want to like girls then do it, if you want to like boys then like them; you should be able to be you without being judged or labelled as a geek or freak or a slag or fag. Why should it matter if...

"Mel, are you alright?" My best friends concerned voice snapped me out of my mental babble and brought me back to reality.

"What. Yeah. Of course I am" I replied with a bit too much ferocity, causing him to step back and lift his arms in surrender. I didn't mean that I just got a bit caught up in the debate which was going on in my head. "I mean, why wouldn't I be?" The second time I spoke, my tone was much softer and had returned to my usual bubbly voice; he slowly lowered his hands.

"You were just abnormally quick in there and then you sorta zoned out, that’s all!” The concern was clear in his eyes and I felt kinda sad that I'd worried him so much. I tried to assure him that I was fine my grabbing his hand and pulling him close to me. I gently wrapped my arm around his shoulders and he reluctantly wrapped his around my waist. Then we finally made our way to class.

As we both took our usual seats situated at the front of the class, just in front of Mr Mason’s big mahogany desk, I realised that his high stack of books was missing and I looked around for other signs that we had a sub instead of him. I can honestly say that I would prefer anyone to him; no one can be as bad as his excessive gabbling and his ridiculous cat tales and kitten stories.

I opened my mouth to talk to Damon when the door which led to the office in the corner of the drama room opened. I turned to see who had caused the whole class to still with an extremely annoyed expression on my face. A young man was leant casually against the frame of the door, his hands in his pockets and his right leg rested over his left. He had everyone’s eyes. The girls were winking and smiling while the boys stared in disgust and jealousy. But, me being the idiot I am, just stared at him. He took his right hand out of his pocket and ran his fingers through his dark brown hair; you could see his perfect muscles flex as he did so. I shouldn’t be thinking of his perfect body or beautiful hair which fell just right over his bright green-blue eyes and… No stop. He’s your teacher. You don’t think of a teacher’s muscular body or angelic face… No, I said stop it Mel, pull yourself together. As he cleared his throat, I was snapped out of my daze.

“Hi. I'm your new drama teacher. I'm 22 years old and I guess I've already made a pretty good impression on most of you girls.” He sounded cocky and used to the attention he was currently receiving, the flirtatious girls and envious boys. His cocky smile and voice soon overthrew any previous thoughts I had of him. He was a player and I think I was the only one who could see that, well, the only girl. Even Damon had taken a very fond liking to him (well I guess he is gay so he has the right). I was still staring at him, no, scrap that, I was still gorming at him and, sadly, he noticed.

“You like what you see?” his smug voice rang through my head and made me go cold. However, I couldn’t hold the sudden blush which flooded my face. Who wouldn’t blush?

“No. Sorry, I don’t go for guys with their heads so far up their own asses that they can't stop the shit that comes out of their mouths,” I wore a disgusted face as I spoke and all the girls let out gasps and the boys let out sniggers. The sarcasm in my voice surprised me just as much as him. I was the quiet nerd who sat and got on with her work not the sarcastic kid who all the teachers hated or the one who made all the teachers lives a living hell. I am a shy student who never speaks up and now I'm dissing a teacher and swearing at him. What if they call my mum?

No, shut up Mel, you're mum probably wouldn't care anyway. What’s happened to me though? I stood up to Valerie and pretty much humiliated a teacher on his first day.

Suddenly I could smell Lynx and not the type that Damon wears. It sounds creepy that I know what deodrant he wears but he’s gay and… well… I don’t have an excuse but yeah. Anyway, I could smell Lynx.

The new teacher had somehow managed to cross the room and now be standing just in front of my desk with his elbows rested casually on it. He was looking straight into my eyes with an extremely shocked expression. He was only a couple of inches away from me and I could see that he was trying to think of a sarcastic comment to return but was at a complete loss for words.

“Could you maybe back off a bit? I don’t exactly wanna catch whatever it is you have.” I motioned to him as I said it and looked up and down his body. I could see his muscles tense under his shirt “I said could you back off.” My voice was filled with more annoyance the second time.

He just stood looking at me completely stunned by what I’d said.

“Am I even speaking English anymore? Pourriez-vous reculer. Podrías retroceder. Sie könnten wieder aus.” He looked at me in a ‘what the fuck’ kind of way and yes, I’m fluent in French, Spanish and a bit of German. When he didn’t move, I continued but much slower so even his pea-sized brain could understand. “Please. Remove. Yourself.”

Damon grabbed my leg and gave me a death glare as if to say shut up but I just dismissed him. I looked back at the more than slightly agitated teacher. He was just about to say something which is when I actually realised what I just said. Why was I acting like this?

“Do you think it’s acceptable to speak to a member of staff like th…” I was saved by the fire alarm. Ever heard the expression saved by the bell? He huffed, stood up and told the class to exit in an orderly fashion. I knew it was just a drill; we were scheduled one so I didn’t make much effort to get out. The chances of my face being burned off or something equally atrocious happening were extremely low, nearly non-existent.

“What’s gotten into you?” My best friend whispered into my ear. I couldn’t answer; I didn't know what had gotten into me so I just shrugged. I had no idea what had gotten into me.

We both grabbed our bags and made our way for the door. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I tried to shake it away but the grip only tightened. I squirmed under the hard and heavy hold on my shoulder which caused me to turn around and come face to face with a pair of amazing blue-green eyes.

“Not you.” His tone was harsh and he spoke low and husky, some might even say slightly sexy.

“I will be out soon. Try not to miss me too much.” He perked up at the sight of Valerie and her sheep. He sent out a couple of cheeky winks and drool worthy smiles to girls that passed us who giggled and waved flirtatiously before walking out.

What was going to happen now? I have never gotten into trouble before if you don’t count the time I threw sand at one of the helpers at nursery. I mean, I didn’t mean to be rude to him. He just really pissed me off and got under my skin. He made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I didn’t know why. I suddenly regret saying anyone was better than Mr Mason, I don't think this one is.

“Unless you want to be set alight and turn to ashes, I suggest we leave before we burn to death. I don’t want the last person I see before I die to be a stuck up, arrogant player who thinks he's all that.” I seriously need to stop talking. It’s like I have verbal diarrhea. I'm just making it worse for myself.

“Well I don’t want to die with some teenage bitch with some badass attitude so I think we’re pretty even. Wouldn’t you agree?” He seemed to be holding back something which was most probably inappropriate to say to a student.

“Not even close and why do you look constipated? Just spit it out already.” I snarled back at him. “It’s not like I’ve never heard someone swear before.”

“Just go and join the rest of the class out on the field and I want you back for an hour’s detention after school.” He walked over to the door and opened it implying he wanted me to leave straight away.

“What if I don’t want to leave and what makes you think I’ll come back after school anyway?” I challenged whilst putting my hands on my hips. I don't think I'm ugly, I mean, I obviously don't think I'm perfect or anything I just don't think I'm ugly; I'm happy with my appearance. I'm slightly smaller than average but have curves in all the right places. My boobs aren't ridiculously small either though they do get in the way sometimes. It was then that I realised the new teacher looking down at my hips where my hands were firmly rested.

"My eyes are up here mister." I glared at him. He looked up at me. "Now, what makes you think I'll come back for a detention?"

“Because if you don’t, it’ll go on your permanent record and let’s make it detention all week.” No, he can't do that. It can't go on my record. I won't get into the college I want. I won't get the job I want. This can't go on my permanent record. It just can't.

“Okay I don't care if it's detention for a month just don’t put it on my record Sir. Please don’t.” I was practically begging him now. I was getting ready to get down on my hands and knees and beg him not to. He still looked unsure though. "I've never had a detention before so please don't put it on my record."

“Chill women! I won't say anything as long as you make all the detentions and aren’t late to a single one.” He started backing away from me and looking at me like I had two heads and eight arms.

I let out a sigh but as soon as I did so I tensed up again.

“Um sir!” I shouted when I caught sight of what was going on behind him. I felt like crying and my head started spinning. What do we do? “TURN AROUND, NOW!”

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