Better Late Than Never

Both with a passion for music, Kelly and Ashton met on Kylemore Abbey's Music Academy chat room, their dream destination after high school. Having never met before, and living in a world where they don't fit, they confide their secrets in each other in the hope that one day they'll meet. Seeming as it's such a small world, and Sydney's a small city, maybe they'll meet sooner that planned?


2. Mystery Girl


 I arrived at my school just to find my three best buddies in the world waiting for me by the front door. Calum, Michael and Luke. We've been best friends for more than I can remember and together we make "5 Seconds of Summer". It's our band. I haven't seen them all summer because this was the first year they all went on holidays abroad. "Hey guys!" I said while giving them all a huge hug. We walk and talk together through the hallways of Summer Hill High School, the crappiest school on the whole planet. But its tolerable with these guys. We were so deep in conversation and catching up that I bumped into this girl in the hallways and knocked all her books over. "I'm so sorry" I said while I helped her pick her stuff up off the ground. She seemed really nervous, and only when she looked into my eyes and said it was fine did I realise she was new.

 Being the gentlemen that I am, I put my hand out to shake hers. "Ashton Irwin". Her hands were full so she didn't shake it but she hesitantly said "Kelly Parker". "Do you need a hand?" I asked her. Michael had punched my shoulder "come on dude". "No, I think I can manage" she replied with a small smile.

 She seemed really nice. She had a cute smile and a strong American accent. I feel bad now for not insisting to help her someway, but maybe I will when I see her tomorrow. Summer High isn't that big of a high school with only around 300 students (which is small for Sydney!). Our uniform is this white shirt with a blue colour and navy shorts. Girls wear the same but obviously a more feminine version. It's situated in the heart of Sydney and from my music classroom you can see the Sydney Opera House. That's about the only class that I enjoy. The rest is just a blur and I often not bother turning up for them, instead I would go down with the guys to the boardwalk near Sydney Bay and busk or eat fish and chips.

 Later that day we headed back to Michael's house to practice. We hadn't practiced at all over the summer because Luke was in England visiting his cousins, Calum was in Auckland and Michael was in California. I was stuck here in Sydney, totally depressed until I met KPgirl in this chat room for Kylemore. She made my days more exciting, and I would actually look forward to getting up in the morning, just so that I could talk to her. She said she had moved to Sydney because of her dad and was starting her first day of senior year just like me. We both want to go to Kylemore Music Academy next year. My one problem is that I need good grades, a department that I am really lacking in right now. I promised KP that I would work hard this year and not skip school anymore, but I think I have bit off more than I can chew.

 When practise was over (we are having our first gig in October) I went down to the boardwalk just to get some fresh air and process everything that has happened. I absolutely love to come down here, to just relax and breath in the salty air before I head home. Once again I bumped into that girl from this morning, this time it was her fault though. She wasn't looking where she was going and she was lucky that I caught her or else she would have fallen over the railing into the sea. "Hi again" I said. She hesitantly jumped out of my arms and straightened herself up. "Are you following me or something?" she asked nervously. "I could ask you the same thing" I said. She shifted her feet awkwardly and started walking away. I grabbed her arm and swung her around "I'm sorry if I hurt you. You have to believe me, that wasn't my intention" I said charmingly. The little ocean breeze swept a lock of her brown hair over her eyes. She pulled it behind her ear and said nothing. Instead, she kept walking.

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