Better Late Than Never

Both with a passion for music, Kelly and Ashton met on Kylemore Abbey's Music Academy chat room, their dream destination after high school. Having never met before, and living in a world where they don't fit, they confide their secrets in each other in the hope that one day they'll meet. Seeming as it's such a small world, and Sydney's a small city, maybe they'll meet sooner that planned?


1. Just Another First Day


"Kelly, it's time to wake up!" my mom shouted up the stairs. "It's your first day of senior year and the last thing you want is to be late, so get up now!". I let out a grumpy groan, stretched my arms and fell with a thump off my bed and onto the ground. I had somewhat of a soft landing, considering there is about a 5 centimetre layer of clothes and other junk there. "Ding ding!". The last thing I remembered from last night was that strange noise, it was my computer telling me that I had a message.

 I should probably tell you a little bit about myself before I get into my story! My name is Kelly Parker. My family moved to Sydney, Australia this summer because my Dad got a work promotion (some big shot thing I suppose). Because our lives revolve around his, we packed up all our stuff from Toronto, Canada and moved over here. I have two younger sisters, Kaylie and Payson (they're 10 year old twins). My most favourite thing in the world is music, from the moment I get up to the second I involuntarily fall asleep I have my headphones with me listening to music. Mainly pop and rock to be honest, never really been into all that Justin Bieber jazz. But don't judge me on that.

 From the day we landed in Sydney I knew that there was nothing more in the world that I wanted than to graduate school and go to the best music school this country has to offer, Kylemore Music Academy. I stumbled upon a chat room that they have on their website for students and music lovers to "discover each other" (that what is says!) and share our common love of music! On there I met "SmAsh" an 18 year old drummer from Sydney. We instantly clicked and since then have been chatting 24/7 about anything under the sun. Music was not the only thing we had in common. The great thing about it is, I came to know every single thing about him without ever even meeting him face to face. I feel like I've known him forever.

 I stumbled over to my laptop which I had left open since last night. There was a message there "SmAsh : Today I start my last year of high school. It's going to be a long and dreadful year, but I can't wait to start it because before I know it, it'll be over and we'll finally be together at Kylemore". "KPgirl : I'm counting down the days already <3. Wish me luck in my new school! :) "

 I turned off my laptop and ran into my bathroom. I took a quick shower because I knew I had little time. My mom was right, I didn't want to be late on my first day. I brushed my long brown hair and decided to leave it drip dry. I applied a little bit of make-up and put on my favourite outfit. Light-washed skinny jeans, my purple striped top and my maroon vans. I went downstairs, grabbed an apple, kissed my parents and ran out the door to catch the bus.

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