A cool rich guy (Justin Bieber), which is the boss of the hotel that where you work in but you've never know who's the boss cause you were only work as a maid that cleaning the hotel rooms. It was Whole Canada Biggest Hotel and Casino, this hotel would only allowed International VIP and Famous Important People.


6. Fall in love with him?

(As I can see his trying to kiss so I slowly close my eyes and when I closed my eyes I can feel his breath but then I didn't feel his lips touch mine so I open my eyes and I he's already stepped backward from me and laughing while staring at me)


Justin: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You think I'm really going to kiss you??? (Laughing out loud)


Karo: "!!!!!!!!!!" What?! I didn't even think about it! Don't think too much, you dirty mind guy! (Glare at him and turn away)


Justin: (stop laughing and look at me with a serious face) oh really? Is that so? If you didn't even think about it then why did you close your eyes? As my knowledge tell me that a guy lead to kiss a girl if she close her eyes which means she pleased to be but if she didn't so it means she doesn't pleased and especially I'm a best kisser so I know all the technique about it so never try to hide it! (Start laughing again)

Karo: god! Whatever you said it's not truth at all, I closed my eyes it doesn't means anything! Anyways the water has prepared! I'm going to take a bath!

(I was walking away from him then he catch my wrist and turn me over so I was faced to him and lead to me and kissed me, I got more surprised!)

Justin: Wanna take a bath together? (Winked)

Karo: (I pushed him away) No way! (Then I walked way and go and take a bath)

(An hour later I'm done with taking a bath and prepare to go home, before I go home I walk to Justin's room)

Karo: May I go home?

Justin: No, you are not allow to go home. (Shaking his head)

Karo: why???

Justin: cause you are my slave you and you need to service me for 24 hours and stay close to me, you are only allow to go home if I allow without my permission you are not allow to.

Karo: What?! So which means I got no more freedom?! So what about my clothes at my apartment???

Justin: ok I allow you to go home tonight and take all your clothes to here tomorrow morning and from tomorrow on you will live with me. Remember do not tell anyone about the auction, if you tell anyone about it I don't know what would happen to you but I'm sure you will be in trouble. So remember this important thing and I also don't want to lose you, as my slave! (Cold smile)

(Why can't I tell anyone about the auction? And what does he means by losing me? What will they do if I tell anyone?)

Karo: but why? What will happen to me if I tell anyone?

Justin: well you will know soon. Hmm.... I don't know about it yet at least you broke the rule, but just be careful my lovely slave! (Call me with a sweet voice and smile at me)

(did he just called me lovely??! Am i dreaming?? Nah, come on he always like to joking around so don't be too serious on what he said)

Karo: Yeah yeah yeah, thanks a lot for caring me my master! So i'm going home now, good night have a sweet dream! Bye!

Justin: Aww, you're so cute and sweet! By the way thanks and you too! (he gave me a sweet smile)

(he said i'm cute and sweet?! Oh my god i can't believe i blushed by the words that comes out from his mouth! But some of my boy friends used to say that to me too but how come it's never happen to me??? but this guy (i look at him without let he know it) made me blushed and my heart beating so fast... Am i in love with this guy?? Stop thinking about it! There's no way he will love me too.....) 

Karo: Yeah, Thanks i'm going now. (as i try to hide my blush and walk away as fast as i can but Justin grabbed my wrist and turn me face to him and kiss me again) 

Karo: "Surprise" "Blush" What are you doing?! (glares at him)

Justin: I'm trying to give you a good bye kiss, I know you gonna miss me after you back home so i left you a kiss. (winked and smile joyfully)

Karo: Hash god! I'm not gonna miss it, you're just my master you're not my boyfriend why would i miss you? (cross my arms)

Justin: oh ok well if you said so, bye! 

Karo: Bye! (I walked out of his room)


What will happen to them next?

Will they date?

Sorry for didn't update for a long time!

I hope you enjoy this chapter! Next chapter is coming soon! 

Thanks for reading!

Sorry if there are any missing words ,spelling and grammar mistakes please forgive!







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