A cool rich guy (Justin Bieber), which is the boss of the hotel that where you work in but you've never know who's the boss cause you were only work as a maid that cleaning the hotel rooms. It was Whole Canada Biggest Hotel and Casino, this hotel would only allowed International VIP and Famous Important People.


2. Bidding

(After that i walked to the stuff room for taking the cleaning stuff to clean the rooms, while i taking the stuff i noticed that someone stand behind me and when i turned back and i saw it was my manager)

Manager: What the hell are you doing here?! Do you know what time is it?? Why were you just start cleaning now??? (talking while crossing his arms with a mean face)

Karo: Hmm.. hi, good morning! Cause i was accident bumped into Justin Bieber while i'm walking to the lobby, and the ladies around him were scolding me.... So that took a bit time. (i turned my head down face the floor while talking)

Manager: OH MY GOD!!!!!! How dare are you bumped into our Special Guest????!!! (he covered his mouth by his hand with a surprised face)

Karo: I know and i didn't meant it.... (sad face)

Manager: You better watch out carefully!!! If this happening again i'm going to fire you! (he glared at me before he leave)

Karo: "Sigh" I often made people around me mad at me..... why am i so damn... (i walk to the lift with my head down while holding the cleaning stuff)

(As i walking to the lift i saw Justin Bieber again but this time he was in argument with a lady)

Lady: I can't take it anymore!!! (she shout to Justin and then walk away)

(After that Justin noticed that i was standing behind him and then he looked at me, so i act like i didn't see anything and heard anything. I just keep pretending that i waiting for a lift)

Justin: You heard everything???

(He looked at me in my eyes but then i turned my face away and answered him)

Karo: Hmmm... not quite much.

Justin: Oh, ok!

(The lift arrived i was decided to let him go first, the lift door almost close he put his left hand to stop the closing door)

Justin: You're not coming in?

Karo: No, you are special guest i can't using a lift at the same time with the guest. This is our rules.(i shaking my head and turn my head down)

(Suddenly Justin pull me into the lift and i was accident fell on him after a few second later i just noticed i was fall on him so i got up immediately and my cheeks started to turning red and hot)

Karo: I'm sorry!!! (>.< Blushing)

Justin: Aww! Your cheeks so red! Are you sick? (laughing)

Karo: No, i'm not...  (shaking my head, face down to the floor) 

("Ding Dong" i heard the sound of the lift and i walked out from the lift as fast i can and i touched my cheeks and i feel it's really hot. I walking in the hallway and suddenly i heard people are speaking in one of the guest room and then i go near and checking it, i saw 3 guys were holding guns and talking about their plans but i can't hear it so i was decided to tell my manager about it. When i turned back i saw another cool guy were standing at my back so i wanted to run away but he grabbed my hand so i don't get a chance to run. I think he were also a team with those people, so i was trying to bit his hand so he will release my hand but he know what i was planned to do so he use a gun to hit my head so i fainted) 


(After I awake I saw a bunch of people were sitting in front of the stage with wearing the masks so i can't see their faces, I noticed that i was in a big cage and 2 guys were carrying the cage to the stage)

Karo: What are you guys doing??? Why am i in a cage?? What are you guys going to do with me????!!! Answer me?? (Shouting to the guys who's carried me)


What is happening to Karolin?
What are they going to do with Karolin???
Thanks for your likes and comments!!! :')
I will update more soon! :)
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I will do my best in this story!!!







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