A cool rich guy (Justin Bieber), which is the boss of the hotel that where you work in but you've never know who's the boss cause you were only work as a maid that cleaning the hotel rooms. It was Whole Canada Biggest Hotel and Casino, this hotel would only allowed International VIP and Famous Important People.


1. Prologue



Justin Bieber: A World Famous Popstar and with a pair of cool eyes and heart but sweet in
inside and never showed, always like to bully the girls that slow and simple-minded.

Karolin: A lady with a simple-minded and sweet heart, cute and slow. but her parents has past away since she were 5, and she live together with her grandmother.

Karolin (a maid work in the hotel)      Nick name: Karo

Emily (a maid work in the hotel) Karolin's best friend 

(Our hotel has a International Party, which would only invited International Very Important Person (IVIP) and World Famous People (WFP) for a night but most of them would likely to stay more than a week for a long holiday.)


(In early morning I was in the locker room by myself while changing my uniform, at a moment I heard footstep that comes from outside but I ignored it and keep changing my uniform)

Emily: Hey Karo, what's up? (Emily talking while wave to me and walking in to her locker)

Karo: Hey what's up lady? (I replied her while changing uniform)

Emily: Hey, do you know about the party???? (She talking while jumping around with a happy face and I replied her immediately)

Karo: Yeah!!! I've heard about it, it said all the IVIP and WFP are going to have a party at here!! (I gave her a smirk smile) you know i was so excited!!! I can't believe that i can meet all the WFP by only a night!!!!! (I screaming out loud and laugh like an idiot) 

Emily: Hahaha i know right!!! (Talking while nodding her head with a foolish smile)

(After we finished changing our uniform, we walked out with my friend to the lobby. As we walk we can see the some of the WFP are arrived our hotel and while i was walking and talking some girls stuff with my friend, i was accident bump into a guy's chest that walking by and got followed by many ladies, the ladies were all stared at me and some glared at me)

Lady 1: How dare are you to bump into my bieber?! (say and gave me a dirty look)

Lady 2: Yeah! Who do you think you are?! (trying to push me away from from the guy)

Group ladies: Yeah! Get the hell off away from him!!! (Glares at me)

(when i looked up i just realized it was JUSTIN BIEBER!!! I was so surprised that moment and shocked!)

Karolin: JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!

(One of the lady in the group push me away him and i fell to the ground but Justin Bieber didn't say a word and he just took his sunglasses off and gave me a glares and then he ignored me and keep walking with a group of ladies around him)

Emily: Are you OK?! (She immediately run up to me and lead me her hand to pull me up)

Karolin: Yep, thanks! I never thought that Justin Bieber were kind of cool heart guy! (Saying while getting up from the ground and stared at him from behide his body and shaking her head)

What would happen next??? 
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