Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


9. Shopping!!!!

i woke up before all the girls i guess because they were snoring so loud that all LA can hear them 

Dont get me wrong i love sleeping more then anything in this world and i can even get an award for that but i can not sleep well in an other hose besides mine.

i got up from bed and went down on my toes not trying to wake anyone but i already found Alisha's mum cooking breakfast 

wendy: Morning Hunny

me: morning *smile*

wendy: sleep well?

even though i didn't

me: yes i did your house is very nice and comfy

i couldn't be mean and tell her i didn't likesleeping in here i'll get used on it anyway

Wendy: oh thank you so sweet of you i think you should hurry to bathroom before the girls wake up *wink*

*Justn's P.O.V* ( i didn't do justin's point of view in a long time next time tell me :p ok?)

ryan: Man wake up

Chaz: bieber get your white ass downstaires 

me: ughh why are you even here don't you have houses there hah

my dumb friends are more like family members specialy chaz and ryan they do even have keys to the house so i don't find it a surprise if i found them on the couch eating ships and asking me why did i ate the whole cerial so you just have to get used on them

ryan: wow bieber snap back to reality hahah we are going to meet Austin at the mall it's saturday we will see many chicks there HURRY!!!

me: dude stop screaming ugh *stand up*

chaz: yeah ryan stop screaming Juju is sceard 

that's what m fans call me i still don't know why

me: HAHA very funny dumb ass go down i need to shower

chaz: want me to join you boo boo hahaha

ryan: yeah to save water if you know what i mean haha

*throw pillow at them*

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