Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


13. picking the dress for his mum

i woke up at 10am wow that's pretty intresting first time ever i guess i ent to bathroom toke a shower then i brushed my teeth put my hair in pony tail and do my make up just few things to keep my face real lol and i wore this :

i went down

me: morning

mum: morning hun

ella ( my sister): mowing hihih

me: aww haha *pick her* how are you my capcake today you being good right? so alex would buy you ice cream when she come back ok?

ella: yaaaay ice cream 

mum: breakfast is ready i made pancake

me: awsome!! by the way i'm going with austin to the mall he want me to help him pick something to his mum 

mum: austin? you haven't told me about him

me: i guess i forget haha well we met in awkward situation and we become friends since well he is tall not very he have green eyes i guess and he is a singer cool huh?!

mum: you like him?

me: i don't know haha but we kinda kissed last night and he said he likes me but idon't know

mum: awww my baby *play with my cheeks*

me: mum not my cheeks 

and we heard a knock on the door

me: i'll open

mum: don't fall on your face haha

i went and opend the door

me: hey austy *hug him

austin: hey beatifull

me: aww come in you have to meet my mum or she'll go crazy

austin: ahah ok sure

we went inside

me: mum this is austin austn this is mum Carmin

austin: nice to meet you ma'm

mum: call me Carmin i'm not that old haha

me: hahah ok can we eat now it's pancake dahh

mum: sure come in sit austin and tell me what you think of my cooking *gave him* ok i'm gonna take a shower to ella nice to see you *went up*

austin: your mum is funny she is awsome

mum: i know hah

austin: where is your dad

me: oh look at the time we need to go come on

austin: oh uhm ok sure let's go

~~At The Mall~~

me:so what do you have in your mind about the present? about anything particular you want to buy her

austin: that's why i asked your help i don't know i want to buy her something special you know 

me: ok first do you have enough money

austin: hahah yeah i'm a super star remember?

me: ok good then come with me *grabb his hand and run*

me: how about this? i have always wated to buy it to my mum but well i didn't have money for it and i'm sure your mum will love it so what do you think?

austin: oh my god i adore it's perfect for mum she will LOVE it thatnks alex *hug me tight*

me: no problemo can we buy ice cream now? please puppy face?

austin: i was buying it anyway so no needed for the puppy face haha

me: thank god lol

*Justin's P.O.V*

i'm going to try talk to alex i don't care i'm just going to show her i'm nice too and better then austin 

me: ryan?!! chaz!!??

ryan: yeah man what

chaz: what!?

me: does anyone have Alex's phone number?

chaz: why would i have it dumb ass bieber haha

ryan: weird question i'll answer with NO but why do you want her number bro

chaz: wanna be firends with benfits hahahah

me: shut  up you big ass not funny just forget it ok bye

i toke my jacket and went to alisha's house

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