Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


14. justin...

*Justin's P.O.V* so i was standing there in front of alisha's house like a fool wondring if i should knock the door or not i'm confused right now i don't know what to do ugh GOD!!

??: hum hum?

i truned around and to see someone i wanted to see in ages not really but yeah

me: alex? oh alex uhm uhm h-hey

i never been this shy or weird in my ENTIER life before this girl is efecting me so well!!

alex: yeah alex yaay hah what are you doing here?! in front of alisha's house *she looked weird at me*

me: well uhm i was actulley uhm looking for...

alex: alisha?!

me: NO...i mean no i was looking

alex: me?! ok i'm here now what do you want

me: i uhm just wanted to hang out you know i wanted to get to know you better since austin is blocking the way to you

did i just said that? damn it justin she will think that you love her well dahh you do but she will think it weird we know each other for like 2weeks don't act like a dumb ass

alex: oh well yeah sure i'm cool with that i want to know the super star justin too hah

she laughed i swear my heart just melt OH GOD!!!

me: ok i'll pick you at 4 ok?

alex: perfect

she hugged me and went to her house HELL YEAH I GOT A DATE well kinda but still ahh god awsome

*Alex's P.O.V*

ok i don't know if justin asked me on date or just hanging out as friends..confusing but i'm ok with that i guess i run to the house

me: HEY I4M HOME!!

mum: upstaires sweetie

me: hey aww someone is changing his daper hihi

ella: boo boo ice cream?

me: oh boo boo i forgot

she was about to cry

me: i'm kidding baby girl i bought you ice cream look? *show her* happy? give sisy a hug a big one

she stand up and warped her small around around my neck

ella: low you boo boo

me: love you too *kiss her cheek* i'm going out with a friend mummy

mum: austin?!

me: nope justin

mum: oh ok have fun hun

me: thanx i run to my room and had a quick shower and stood in ront my closet me: what i'm gonna wear and i choosed this :

i don't want to look like i was expectinf to be a date and also something pretty so i guess this is perfect i did my make up and  hair

i was ready right now and i heard thedoor bell i run down ad open the door and i found justin like that:

justin: hey you look very beautifull

me: hey you look handsome too 

he run and opend the door for me

me: thanks Mr.Gentelman

justin: no problemo princess

me: so where are we going

justin: well wehavea long night ahead you are meeting my family and then we are going to the beach and stuff like that

me: aww that's awsome now tell me about you bieber

justin: well justin drew bieber 18 years old from canada stratford my mum is patrcia we call her pattie my dad is jeremy i have a brother jaxon and a sister jazmin my two best friend ae ryan and chaz my mum and dad divorced when i was little and i'm a pop star hah i guess hah now tell me about you you Mrs.Monro

me: well i'm boringnothing much to talk about i'm from paris Alex ann Monro i have a little sister named Ella she is 4 years old my mum name carmin and my dad well john and i want to be a singer and that's all

justin: you are intresting you know and where is your dad?

me: i don't wanna talk about it can we change the topic please?

justin: sure princess so where here at my mum's house get ready aha


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