Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


16. i'm confused is is a YES or NO -2-

can she get anymore cute oh my god she is like the girl if my dreams no i'm serious i guess i'm deeply in love with her i admit it i love alex ann monro so bad i believe in love at the first sight now ut i'm still afraid to tell herwhat if she said no i will die in my place

alex: justin you ok? snapback to reality dude?!

me: huh?! oh sorry i was just....thinking

alex: ok so i really wanna meet your siblings is that ok with you?!

justin: oh yeah i want you to meet them 

he toke my hand and i felt fireworks damn it he got that effect on me everytime our skines touch i just love being around him he is really an amazing person f you get to know him and talk to him he is such a sweetheart

justin: tada that's jazzy and that one over there jaxon

me: oh my god hey they are so adorable Hi sweetie i'm alex can i be your firend?

jazzy: you look beautifull so yeah you can be my friend we can play princess game right?

me: of course hunny my pleasure *hug her* you must be jaxon justin told me alot of good stuff about you 

jaxon: hihihi hi 

me: can i have a hug please?

jaxon: sure 

he warped his small hand around my neck he is just so adorable and cute 

me: aww that was the best i ever had 

jaxon: wanna be my gurl fiend ( girlfriend) 

me: *lok at justin who was smiling* aww me that the cutest propsel ever and yes come here my boyfriend *kiss his cheek and hug him* oh my god justin i havea boyfriend yaay 

justin: haha congratz guys ok alex we need to go before the sun set hurry

alex: oh now? ok get to go boyfriend *kiss jaxon's cheak and hug jazzy* bye guys 

at the beach

i love beach i start running like a freak

me: yeaaahhh hahahahah 

justin: haha you ok?

me: perfect i love beach yaaay

justin: crazy 

i push him and run

me: catch me bieber

justin: my pleasure Monro

he started running after me till his hand placed on my waist spening me around all you could hear was our laugh then we sat down 

me: oh my god that was awsome the last time i came to a beach was like since 10 years haha

justin: damn really?! Why?

me: well the last time i went to beach was with my dad and...well my dad is so busy by work so i didn't want to go without him

justin: but you get out with me *wink

me: haha yeah haha oh my god the sunset

justin: oh my god look

i was about to look but he grabbed me and kiss me 


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