Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


11. getting to know each other

 you know after all justin wasn't that bed actually not at all he is sweet funny i love his jokes cute sensitive weird for a guy and honest i guess that's what makes people like him that much and now i understand why his fans adore him this much..alex anne monro you are not falling for justn aren't you..i....i i don't know

and on the other hand we have austin i don't know what to say about him i mean everything just attract me to like him specialy his persenality wow!!

austin: alex wanna go to the park? just you and i he wishperd the last part so no one could hear him but i guess justin did because his face expressions changed right away

me: oh yeah sure 

ryan: someone is doing his first step haha

chaz: Damn austin ma man LOL

justin: hah yeah 

austin: just ignore those two weirdos

me: why i find them really cute and cool

austin: haha let's just go haha

me: kk 

*Justin's P.O.V*

what the fuck he knows i like her come on austin you can't do this to me FUCK!!!

ryan: jay you are ok man? what's up with this fist 

chaz: wow dude we better leave before he kick your ass Ry 

me: i'm going home

i toke my jacket and left i don't want to do something i may regrat later so i'm just gonna leave and go to sleep 

*Alex's P.O.V*

me: oh my god sunset i love it *sit on the ground* what? 

austin: you sited on the ground

me: so? i'm not like gonna die right now haha just sit austin hah

austin: haha ok ok

we sated watching the beautifull sunset when i felt austin's arms around me and he whisperd to me "you don't mind right?" he said "no i don't" i said and rested my head on his shoulders

austin: i like you you know!

me:  oh *look down and blush*

he lift up my chine making me look at his amazing eyes that you can't mention if they were bleu or green or gray playing with chine with his finger rubing it slowly while i closed my eyes admiring his moves then he placed his both hands on my  cheek grabbing me closer that we were only inches away his eyes travling on my face my nose my mouth and My Lips he grabed me closer making me put my hands on his chest and finally our lips met his soft lips with my lips kissing my lower lips then my top lip asking for permission which i gave him he slide his tongue into my mouth fighting with mine and he won his hands travelled all the way in my back to my ass and squeeze on it which made me slip a moan and bit my lip

austin: wanna go to my place

me: yeah *i nodded with hesitation*

he grabbed my hand and we went to his house we walked inside he pushed me to the wall kissing my neck i don't know what happend to me but everytime austin kiss me justin's face come up in my mind i felt like cheating on who i don't but right now i didn't feel like having sex with austin

me: austin i need to go i'm sorry but my mum is waiting for me i have to go bye *hug him and left*

i felt relifed like i did a good thing but why justn was sad when austin asked me to go to park weird? anyway i have to go home mum will kill me

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