Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


6. chapter 6

i don't know how i end up agreeing to do this Grace said her friend is having some sort of sleep over and she insist that i join so i end up accepting

i don't know what the hell i suppose to bring with me or what to wear i don't want to look a freak so i wore causal and put my pyjama in my bag.

i was walking to Alisha's house Grace's friend name since it wasn't too far i like this neighborhood so far his people are so nice and friendly it's not that i know them all but the few i got to meet they are nice. 


and the last thing i knew was a sharp pain threw the back of my head damn it that hurts like a ...and i fell down didn't pass thank god but it still hurt

" shit it hurts what the hell" i said holding my head god that was a real good shot but my head

"i'm so sorry really sorry i didn't mean it you ok??!! " this voice seems so familiar 

"Austin?" i nearly screamed

"Alex oh my god what are you doing here are you ok" he said giving me his hand so i can stand up on my feet

"i was going to my friends house what are you doing here?"

"i live here silly sorry about your head i didn't see you coming"

" yeah yeah i'm ok i guess it just a little hit but it hurt though" i giggled holding my head

"want to go to doctor you know check if something is broken over there" he smirked

"nice joke ha-ha" i said trying to look mad but i couldn't

"come on i'll walk you to your friend house you already ruined our match" 

"ok but your match was already boring i already saved you dah" i said flipping my hair 

he placed his hand on his heart and pretend to be offended 

"are you walking me or what " i said placing my hand on my waist to add some drama

"yes ma'am" he said and we start walking until we rushed Alisha's house

" thanks austy" i chuckled

" i like that and no problem he said giving me a hug and left

knocking on the door i don't know exactly what i should do standing there looking at my feet what if Grace didn't come i don't know this Alisha girl that would be the most embarrassing moment of my life my thoughts were cut when the door opened showing Grace's face erases all the worry i used to have

Grace: thank god you come what took you so long was you walking on your hands or something" she giggled

"ha-ha very funny can i come in already" i said 

"yeah yeah come in it's freezing gosh" she said leaning so i can come before she shut the door reviling two beautiful girls the first with blond hair blue eyes the second brown hair and green eyes they are really pretty

"you must be Alex i'm Alisha nice to meet you oh my god" she said squeezing me in a hug

"nice to meet you too" i said

"and i'm Jade nice to meet you"  the girl in brown hair said 

"oh tonight is gonna' be awesome hell yeah" Grace screamed jumping on the couch

"woah honey watch the couch" a young women said leaving what i assume it's the kitchen

"that's my mum" Alisha said responding on my thoughts

" oh please call me Windy i'm still young" Alisha's mum-Windy- said

Alisha rolled her eyes at her mum 

"ok we better go to my room mum will you bring us some cookies? thanks" Alisha said then we all went upstairs i assume it's Alisha's room

"nice huh?" she said smiling " i try my best to make it look fabulous just like me" she chuckled

"yeah right" Grace said smirking and Jade taking a sit on the floor

" since when you guys know each other" i really had to ask to keep the conversation going on and not be a party popper or whatever they say i don't want to be it.

"Jade and Alisha knows each other since they were in diapers basically and i joined at high school first year and you joined our team now we should celebrate right?" Grace almost yelled this girl is full with energy like she can party 24/7 and never fed up

 "yeah celebrate with milk and cookies wow that's so cool" Jade said laughing

"what's so funny" Grace said trying to look angry 

"your your your face oh my god" we all burst in laughter

"Ha-ha very funny who cares" she said shoving a whole cookie in her mouth then add an other 

"easy girl we don't want you to die" Alisha said "at least not here " she add chuckling

"ok stop guys or i'll leave" she threatens and i can see a smile behind that frown

"fine" we all said in union then Jade and Alisha looked at each other before they scream " Manicure!!!!" 

"okay?" i said awkwardly

"i want black" Alisha said

"baby blue" Grace yelled

"pink" Jade said

"you take red Alex it's good on you" Jade add

"Ok" i really didn't know what to do

"i do Alisha Alisha does Jade and Jade does to you Alex toes first" Grace sort of ordered us

spending the night at Alisha's with the girls was really fun i mean i hadn't have a girls time in forever i had never been a normal girl when you have a parents who is basically like cat and mouse always mum always running from my dad and it happened that my sister and i were involved in this mess too. i had never spent a minute alone where i think what it could be if my dad wasn't what he is right now we would be a happy family just like every family in this world we would celebrate new years thanks giving and my birthday together we would go to the park the zoo visit our grandparents or to Disney Land that i never went to

every morning we would meet on the table to have breakfast together as a family 

hell i even want a father who would say that he is disappointed in me when i have bad marks

"everything happens for a reason Alex there is a sunshine behind the rain after ever bad things something is coming just don't lose hope or faith keep believing in yourself and dreams focus on studies make sure to give your kids everything they want that you never had Believe Stay Strong weak people never survive in this cruel world..." i remember i read this in a letter i found on my night stand last year i didn't know who wrote it it's not my mum i know her hand-writing but by the shock it was on her face i'm sure she was afraid and about the cry when she saw she said it's nothing i should be worried of and since that day i never saw that letter and every time i mention it to mum she would immediately change the subject or pick a fight from nothing.

"Alex why you are not sleeping" i heard a whisper and it was Jade

"oh nothing i'm just was going to the bathroom but i don't know where it is" i said 

she giggled "over there good night now"

"thanks" i said walking to the bathroom then fall sleep

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