Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


5. chapter 5

when i get home i was really happy did that just happened oh my god that was that was so freaking awesome i feel butterflies everywhere i had never felt like this in a while 

it had been a long time since the last time i went on date i had almost swore to never go on one since my last boyfriend broke my heart in a professional way i can remember that night i cried for the whole week end and didn't go to school for almost a week even my mum was crying with me and just the way he come back just the day we broke up with an other girl "slut" made me go insane

anyway who cares about the past i'm over it and i won't do the same mistake again Austin is a nice guy he won't the same fault as my ex 

"you come i didn't hear you" my mum's head poop from the kitchen "i saw that young man who drove you tell me" i can see her smirking

"mum!!" i whined like a baby "we are just friends" yeah friends right!

"don't mum me young lady just tell me already" she smiled

"i already tole you where are just friends and we have same science class that's all" i said " i'm hungry what have you cooked" i tried to change the subject 

"i made some lasagna and cupcakes" she answered

having a cupcake in my mouth and the other in my hand in case one wasn't enough and i was right it was a long day and i was really joining my little sister in living room as she watch frozen for the billion and she doesn't understand a word 

"hi Ella wanna play?" i said tickling her and she giggled i'll take this as a yes lifting her in the air while playing princess and all that bullshit when i suddenly i stepped on one of her leggo's "shit" i mumbled 

"watch it i don't her first word to be shit" my mum said as she placed a bowel of popcorn on the table in front "let's watch a movie" she suggest

"sure anything doesn't include frozen or sponge bob or barbie please" i almost begged

"ok ok relax " she chuckled

-Justin's P.O.V-

spending week end at the home was something i had never done before i usually go party or something like this but today i'm not feeling like going out i'm too lazy to get out of the bed 

"Justin? come down breakfast is ready?" my mum yelled from down stairs

"coming" i mumbled

getting out of bed only in boxers and went down 

"morning mum" i said taking a sit 

"morning sweetheart slept well?" she said giving me a kiss on the cheeks

""mmm yeah i'm hungry" 

" i made some pancakes" she said placing a plate in front of me

"thanks" i thanked her " i have a photo shoot today so i won't be home until 4pm don't wait for me" i said remembering Scooter 

i guess i won't spend  my week end in bed after all

"oh it's ok honey i was going to the mall anyway have fun not too much" she wink at me

"yeah right" i chuckled

being a super star and you are only eighteen it's not easy but my mother does everything she can to make me feel as normal as possible which it makes me love her more i wish i could say i love you to her more often but i can't it just hard it easy to think but it's not to do it 

taking my jacket it's cold as fuck sorry and going to the photo shot studio ready to feel sexy when my phone vibrat

"yo jay where are you at i passed by your house? he nearly screamed on speakers

"i have some stuff to do bro i'll come by when i finish ok?" i said

"ok bye"


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