Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


3. chapter 3

in general i wasn't gong to give her a call not right now maybe soon i mean she is the only person i know in here besides Noah from the cafe and Justin. 

walking to home takes only 30minute max but here i am taking all the time i have walking so slow i'm not really excited to go home mum will attack me with questions about how was my first day at school it was too much normal or even less then normal i guess! spending at least 45minutes to get home playing with my keys before opining the door and stepping in "i'm home" i yelled so my mum can hear me

"upstairs honey" she yelled from the bathroom climbing the stairs going straight to where my mum was there "hey" i said

"oh hello darling i'm just changing Ella's diaper" she told me and i nod "how was your first day at school" she asked excited just like i had assumed she would be "fine" i said 

"oh come on why you acting like this? aren't you happy?" she said

"yeah i am just it's my first day here i don't know anyone here" i said so honest

"it's ok you will make friends don't worry right Ella?" she said lifting Ella-my 3years old sister-up in the air while she is giggling and making babies voices 

"you hungry? i made pastas if you want go eat i'll clean this little naughty girl " she told me then she disappear in the bathroom 

i went to my room and toke a nape when i woke i first rewrite the schedule on a bigger paper then i start coping the lessons i missed and do homework when i finished it was already 10pm so i went to sleep i really need to focus on my class this year it's my senior here before going to university i had always dreamt to NYU so i need to work my ass out literally if i want to be accepted in there and my mum will be thrilled if the accept me.

waking up at 06:30am as always doing my daily routine shower, picking something to wear, applying some make up just eye liner lips gloss wearing my cloths and finally having breakfast then heading to school 

as the first week of school passed Noah and i has basically agreed that we will meet at the cafe 15minute earlier then go to school together 

"did you understood the exercise of math that was a hard one?" he asked as he pass his hand throw his hair a signle i-by the time we spent together- began to know that he does it only if he is nervous

"two things never asks me about it Maths and French" i said chuckling

he laughed "how is that so you are a french girl remember?!" 

"well yeah...but i hate french homework got it now? let's go to class. We walked to English class Justin in his usual sit and i can't ask Noah to switch sits he will ask me why besides i can't act like a child infront of him so i toke my sit i didn't even glance once at him 

"Alex?" he bend over my deck whispering so only me can hear him "Alex..." i cut him

"what Justin? what?" i said as calm as i can 

"i'm sorry i snapped at you the other day i was just pissed sorry" he flash me a smile showing his perfect white teeth 

"it's fine i already forget it no big deal" i said

"friends?!" what's the matter with this angelic face he looks cute really

"umm sure why not" i said in an awkward tone

"yeah..i mean cool great sweet swaggy" 

i guess it is a great idea to have a fresh start over again with Justin i hate when i fight with people i just met. English class was the last one before going home and spend the week end curled into my sweet cozy bed until that girl i met...yeah Grace iterput my thoughts

"hey Ryan is throwing a party since his parents are out of town for a week you should come it will be some much fun Alex" she said 

"Ryan? i don't know him so would i go to his house if he doesn't know me or invited me" i said like it was the movie obviews thing

"girl you don't need invitation you will get to know him there in the party and other people come on really please" she literally begged me 

"ok uhm i'll come when is this party anyway" i asked

"tonight starting at 6pm i'll come to pick you up just give me a call" she said "Austin have you seen Ryan or Chaz?!" she asked the boy with brown hair green eyes named Austin 

"in the parking lot at Justin's car" he answered her looking directly to me "you haven't introduce me to your friend Grace s she new in here?" 

"yup she is Alex just moved last week in here and she is going to Ryan's party tonight Alex this is Austin Austin this is Alex" she said

"nice to meet you Alex hope you like it here so far" he said really charming

"hi nice to meet you too Austin" i blushed "i should get going my friend is waiting" i said and walked out of the school and as Noah promised he was waiting for me to walk together home

i still don't know how i'm going to tell my mum that i'm going to this party i could text Grace telling i don't want to go but that would be a terrible lie i need to fit in i know it's not the right thing but i need some fun i hope my mum understand this

"mum i need to tell you something" i said looking at my feet playing with my fingers

"yes dear what's wrong" she looked at me worried

"my..a friend of mine has invited me to" i whispered the last part hoping she won't hear it " can i go?" i asked her

we stayed silent for a moment

"sure" she said

wait....what did i hear? she did not? holy crap

"what? you did not just oh my god mum thank you so much" i run and hugged her so tight "thank you thank you thank you..i'm going to get ready i love you you are the best" i said ruining up almost tripping on the stairs 

After spending almost an hour deciding which to wear i finally made my mind Grace has already text me saying she is out waiting for me saying good bye to my mother i hoped in the car "Hey you ready this party is going to be freaking sick" she said the same time i said hi "hope so" i mumbled 

"cheer up girl we are about to have some fun in here and I think Austin likes you have you seen the way he was looking at you  the whole time?" she giggled and laughed along cause i didn't know what else to do as we got near the house i can hear the music blasting and it was the only house in the neighborhood this big i guess Ryan is a rich kid 

as we got into the house Grace immediately disperd into the crowded room i assume it's the living room leaving me alone in here great! 

so i went to the kitchen but it wasn't less crowded then the living room Ryan's parents will be thrilled if they saw their house like this a ink haired girl pass me a red coup of a liquor i assume it's some sort of bear or vodka i can't mange to know the difference if i had never drink before and probably won't and e fore i can refuse she left so i putted it on the counter and went back to the living room hoping to see Grace or any familiar faces i understand now why Noah doesn't like this kind of parties they are out of control who will spend their week end in here i rather stay in bed all nigt

"Alex? hey" i turned around to meet Austin's green eyes 

"oh hey there" is all i manged to say without embarrassing myself

"do you like the party so far? it's amazing come on let's join the guys in the room we are playing an other round of truth or dare" he said pulling my arm and dragging me to where "the guys" are sitting Grace and Justin is the faces i knew "this is Ryan and the one over there is Chaz the two girls are Jade and Alisha Grace's friends" Austin whispered in my ear so i could hear him over the loud music i nodded in response 

"Alex come join us we are playing truth or dare" grace said

i did as i was told sitting between Grace and Justin i don't know if he noticed my presence or he is just ignoring me but i didn't care 

"your turn" Justin said interrupting my thoughts

"i choose truth " i said little bit ashamed 

"of course" he mumbled i think he is drunk we just agreed to be friends no yelling or fights 

"have you gave someone a blow job before" Ryan asked like it's the most natural question on earth

"umm n-no i haven't" i'm feeling uncomfortable each second passe and i'm still here "excuse me i have to go" i said standing up from that couch and heading to the door great i don't have a ride and i don't  they way back home awesome 

"Alex wait" by now i was out of that house 

"it's late i'll drive you home come on" i knew it was justin's name but i was to lazzy to talk or even ask him why he was acting like this i just nod and whisper a thank you

"thank you for the ride Justin" i said climbing out of the car before he can say anything

"wait...i though you forgot something but you didn't..umm nevermind" his cheeks flesh red he is nervous i guess that's cute i never saw this side the nice side of Justin before he can be nice if he wanted to but he doesn't want to that's the problem. 

"don't care about our group of friends specially Ryan he can be sometimes a dick after a couple of drinks but he is nice really you should come to our parties offten you know" he said breaking the silence between us

"i don't know parites isn't my thing but thanks for the invitation i will soon" i said " good night and thanks for the ride again" 

"no problem that's what friends for right?"

walking to my room taking my shoes off n sliping in my bed 

it was a long day...

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