Love At The First Sight

the story is about a girl moved to LA a school full celebraty people she will meet justin bieber but they won't get along at the first...


26. chapter 26

I'm starting to think that this parking lot has some sort of magic power every time I end up sitting there on that bunch and here I am going away from what just happened back in the class I have no idea what I did that I surly wasn't thinking but he was getting on my nerves.he defently was not talking about that topic given by M.Dan he is talking out all his anger that he couldn't have the strength to talk to me about it
I'm not sure if I would agree to but that's not the situation in here he doesn't have the right to talk about our issues out loud in public "in front of the whole class"
Gosh he is pissing me off I didn't thought he was like this wow such an asshole 
My phone rang interpreting my thoughts 
*hey babe where are you I'm at the library waiting for you join me*
I stand up writing him back and went straight to where he is
-Justin's P.O.V-
Fuck this shit I'm going insane over her yet I'm so pissed to even look at her just hearing her bitching around about that stupid ass topic I couldn't resist the urge to answer her but I guess it didn't work they way I wanted it to.
I couldn't spend any other minute in here I need to get out of here getting in my car and driving out of this shit whole my phone buzzed it's my annoying manager Scooter "Justin bieber talking" I said acting like the arrogant superstar I am
"Justin we need to talk we have alot of things to do this week end is so busy just telling you so you won't go to any parties ok?! Meet me at the hotel ok? Bye now

I didn't even bother to say bye back hung up and focus on the road

Before a cop catch me.
Parking the car walking in the lobby "scooter Braun? " I said taking my glasses off
"Room 267 sir" I smiled at her and toke the elevator I had never liked this machine closing mt eyes making a small pray who knows maybe it will stop in the middle of nowhere. A small ding telling me that I made it safe up there.
Remind me to ask scooter why the hell he picked a room in the last floor

i knocked on the door "it's me open up" i said

"come in it's open Justin" Scooter yelled

"hey what's up what do we have today Scoot" i said jumping on the couch

"two interviews Ellen and Jimmy Falon then fans meeting nothing much you will be home by 06:00pm i know you have school tomorrow" he said trying to hide a smirk

"yeah yeah like i care i ca't wait to have my own house" i said " don't look at me like this i just want to live free independent you know go out when i want wake up when i want do the things i want not no pressure. got it dude?" i said honestly

" nice anyway ready to go now?

( it's short i'll post more tomorrow if you promise me to keep reading comment and vote please )


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