Most Wanted

Rin has always been good at stealing, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the land. But when she meets Prince Raven, things change.


8. Chapter 7

After dancing was finished, the guests were allowed to walk and look around the Palace and its Gardens.

Rin snuck back to the Royal Family Museum.

She walked around, and even though no one was in there, she crafted an alibi if she was found.

She'd say she hadn't known the museum was off limits, as she 'assumed it wasn't'.

Rin looked around, and she spotted it. A beautiful pink diamond necklace with rose gold flowers. The necklace had expert craftsmanship, just like the ring she stole. Rin suspected it was a priceless thing.

She took out a metal pick she had hidden in her hair and started to pick the lock.

Rin could tell this lock was made specifically so it couldn't be picked.

But she wasn't one of the most wanted criminals in the country for nothing. It took time, but Rin eventually picked the lock.

It quietly swung open. She took out the necklace, slipping it down her dress. (She had no where else to put it; she couldn't just bring a sack)

Rin had known there would be security cameras. So, before going inside the Museum, she'd slipped on her mask and broke all of them.

She walked back out of the Museum, careful not to be spotted. She crept along the hall, and-

"What exactly were you doing in there?" A voice behind her said.

She swung around, only to come face-to-face with the famous Michael Chanis, former head of the Royal Guard.

He was wearing formal attire, so she assumed he was a guest as well.

"Well, I was looking at the Museum. Am I not allowed to?" She asked, composing herself and standing straiter.

He cocked an eyebrow. "Guests aren't allowed in there, especially criminals." He smirked.

Rin cursed, looking around for a way out.

Michael laughed. "I already called the guards. You're not going anywhere."

She cursed again. She looked up, and saw the second floor railings, above that, the glass dome ceiling. Rin had an idea.

She acted.

She pretended to cry out in pain, and knelt on the floor, clutching her stomach. She hacked an coughed, earning a shocked expression from Michael.

The guards came running, the ones Michael had called.

They didn't recognize her.

"Sir Michael, what happened?" A guard asked.

She coughed more, biting her tongue to bring blood. She coughed it onto the floor.

Michael was once again startled.

"H-he..." She pointed at Michael and bent over her stomach, pretending.

The guard eyed Michael.

"Get out. We'll help you, Miss." He added, looking at Rin.

She smirked and stood up strait.

"Thank you, kind sir." She said before launching into the air and landing on the second floor.

She fled out to the terrace, quickly jumping over the rail, out the back of the palace, and landing in the soft grass.

She took off at an unbelievable speed, jumping over the gates expertly before running back into the forest.


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