Most Wanted

Rin has always been good at stealing, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the land. But when she meets Prince Raven, things change.


6. Chapter 5

She hurried through the streets, and she had to pass through the palace to get back to the forest.

She snuck around the gates, avoiding the guards.

She jumped the gate, and ran through the gardens.

Then a hand grabbed her shoulder.

She spun, ready to fight. But she stopped when she saw the Prince's face inches away from hers.

She yelped, backing away.

"Who are you?" He asked.

Rin sighed inwardly. He didn't recognize her.

"Oh. Um, I just had to pass through to get uh, home." She said, trying to keep her voice calm.

He raised an eyebrow. "First of all, the only thing behind the palace is the forest, and second, I saw you jump over the gate."

She panicked inwardly, trying to find a way out of this mess.

"Oh. Well, I... live in the forest. Yeah. So, bye!" She squeaked, adding a "Your Majesty" at the end.

She sprinted to the forest, over the walls, but didn't notice that her wig had fallen off.

She just ran, ran and ran. When she reached far enough into the forest, she sat against a tree, panting.


Raven had seen her wig fall off. Her bright silver hair disappeared over the walls, leaving him shocked. Had he just talked with the Ice Fairy? He thought she'd looked familiar, but thought nothing of it when he talked to her.

He ruffled his hair. He decided not to say anything about their encounter.

But then he remembered- she was holding a package. What was it? It looked like a piece of clothing.

He thought for a while, walking around the gardens.

Then it hit him. Why would she need clothing? The ball. Why did she have it? The ball. What was she going to do at the Winter Ball? He scratched his head and decided he'd just keep an eye on her.



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