Most Wanted

Rin has always been good at stealing, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the land. But when she meets Prince Raven, things change.


5. Chapter 4

Unfortunately, Rin had to once again steal something. As she slipped on the stolen hazelnut brown wig and stolen green contacts, she sighed.

She wondered if Prince Raven would be there. Shaking her head, she cleared all thoughts about him. What was she thinking about?

After putting her wig and contacts on, she slipped into her nicest clothes (not stolen, bought), which was a deep green dress with gold trim and lace.

It was nothing compared to the dresses the higher-ups wore, but it was better than her usual black clothes.

She slid her feet into her brown flats, and headed to town.


Entering the tailors shop, she saw beautiful ball gowns, simple skirts, and much more. The owner, a middle aged man, came up to her.

"Welcome to Ann's Tailor Shop. I'm Eric, the store owner. Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?"

"Ah, yes," Rin said, trying to sound like a higher-up, "I'm looking for a ball gown for the Winter Ball."

Eric chuckled. "I think I know just the dress." He said and then ducked back into the back of the shop.

Rin looked around the shop, admiring the dresses.

She saw one beautiful wedding dress. It had a strapless top, and a billowing skirt. The skirt had a white lace trim and modest frills hanging from the belt. Pearls dotted here and there, and a headpiece hung on-

The owner came out of the shop's back with the most beautiful thing Rin had laid eyes on.

It was a silver and white dress, fit for the queen. It's heart shaped, strapless top had tiny sequins dotted over it, making it glitter in the light.

The sleeves hung off the shoulder, made of a translucent material that stopped at her wrists.

The skirt trailed back on the floor. The material it was made of looked like it was made of feathers. The top layer of the skirt was translucent as well, dappled with sequins and pearls. The swirled, faded pattern on it made it look magical.

She immediately knew she wanted this dress. Plus, the higher-ups would be wearing much less modest dresses.

They'd wear baby blues, pinks, yellows, greens. Their dresses would be so big they'd take up space for three people, frills and all bursting out of the cloth.

But this dress was elegant. Not frilly and silly, but graceful.

"How much for it?" She asked.

"Hmm... 1100 sars?" He pondered.

"Deal." She said immediately.

This dress was expensive, but she'd make up for it. She fished through her 'purse' and pulled out the money.


The owner handed her the dress after wrapping it. She mumbled a thank you and hurried out the door.


Heeey~ hope you liked it!

Once more, thanks for reading!


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