Most Wanted

Rin has always been good at stealing, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the land. But when she meets Prince Raven, things change.


3. Chapter 2

Rin landed safely on the terrace below and let out a breath. She looked through the terrace doors and saw more guards running to her.

She sighed and looked down over the railings. She saw the palace gardens beneath her, and once again, she jumped down.

She took a bad landing and winced as her ankle twisted painfully.

But she ran to the gates nevertheless and expertly jumped over and into town.

Rin climbed up a house wall and soon started leaping across the buildings' roofs. Making her way to the forest, she remembered the boy who had rushed out the prince's room and into the masses of guards.

The boy with the jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Wasn't he the Prince? Prince... Raven? Yes, that was him. Rin hadn't had time to catch up with all the latest rumors, but she knew she was all over the news from her last thieving of the Royal Family's Museum.

She sighed and twirled the ring around her finger, admiring the craftsmanship.

It was a fine piece of jewelry, two diamonds inlaid into a silver band with intricate designs carved into it.

She sighed, putting it into the crook of a tree where she always put her stolen things.

Then, she tended to her throbbing ankle. It was swelling a bit, probably only from a bad twist.

She searched a bit for the plant she needed. She found it growing near a small stream.

Rubbing the leaves between her fingers, she applied the glob onto her ankle and grabbed some bandages from her knapsack and wrapped it around her ankle.

She sighed in relief. The plant was slowly taking away her pain, and she could walk, but she had to limp.

She decided to go back into town tomorrow to get more bandages.

But she decided to rest in a tree tonight, hugging her knapsack to her to keep her warm.

And she fell asleep to the sound of rustling leaves.


Heeey~ how was the story???

I hope you liked it♡♡♡

Again, thanks for reading!


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