Most Wanted

Rin has always been good at stealing, making her one of the most wanted criminals in the land. But when she meets Prince Raven, things change.


2. Chapter 1

Rin walked though the streets, head down, cloak over her head. It billowed behind her like dark smoke.

Everyone wore cloaks, so she didn't strike anyone as suspicious. She walked to the old Clock Tower, looking up at it.

Just then someone jumped in front of her. His gray, fading cloak was torn in so many places. His eyes glowed with a crazed look. His teeth were razor sharp. Jack Wolf.

She held her breath as he looked her up and down. He grinned.

"Well if it isn't the Ice Fairy." He laughed.

People called her Ice Fairy because both her hair and eyes were silver. Adding to that, the "Fairy" part because of the extreme strength in her legs. She was able to leap around at extremely far distances.

People started noticing what was going on. Murmurs passed through the crowd.

Jack just laughed at them-it was a sickening, crazy sound. Then he chased her.

Rin fled up the stairs, her cloak flying behind her and her silver hair coming undone from its bun. She reached the top of the tower, only to find Jack perched on the rail

She panted. "What do you want from me?"

"I dunno. You're fun to chase." He grinned his creepy grin.

And then he pulled out a match. It was something simple, but in the hands of Jack, it was a weapon.

He lit it, and slowly set it on the railing.

Then he jumped off, cackling.

She skillfully leaped around, avoiding the flames. She knew her legs could carry her a very far distance, farther than any normal human could jump.

The closest thing to her was the palace rail, but it was still quite a distance away.

And she took the risk. She jumped.


And Raven Kirston had been watching it all. He'd seen the Clock Tower go up in flames. He'd called the guards. And of course, he'd seen the girl jump off the Tower.

He'd been watching from the roof, a place he always went to calm down. After all, being the Prince meant you had to stay trapped in your own home and working.

His mother never really let him out, making him feel like some kind of delicate girl who would break at the slightest touch.

He'd yelled even as he saw her leaping off the railing. He knew she wouldn't make it.

But she did.

She landed lightly on the palace railings, almost slipping.

Raven rushed back into his room and out onto the large terrace that she had landed on.

Guards were already surrounding her, asking her to surrender. He tried to push through to get a better look at the girl.

He caught a glimpse- long, silver hair with matching eyes. She looked younger than him.

Before he could go any further, one of the guards pushed him back.

"Your Majesty, please so not go any further. We are dealing with one of the most wanted criminals in the country." The guard said.

"Most wanted?! She's probably the same age as me! How can she be one of the 'Most wanted'?!" He demanded.

"We do not know as well, Your Majesty. She is quite a mystery and-" he was cut off by another guard.


Raven looked around the guard and was shocked to see the girl fling herself backwards and over the railing.

And then he remembered- she was the girl all over the headlines. She'd stolen his great-great grandmother's ring.


Hiiii~ Okay, once again, I'm writing these in my extra time, since I have no wifi. Then when I get wifi I publish them.

And I'm in the mountains when I write this... NO WIFI!

Sorry! But thankyou thankyou thankyou thank you for reading!


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