Frozen Love

Alice Kim had always been a plain girl.
But when she encounters the most popular boy in school, her life changes... and their love story begins.


2. Chapter 1

Alice woke up feeling terrible.

She really didn't want to go to school, especially since she was starting her second year of highschool.

She slammed her hand on her annoying little alarm and got up. She walked to the bathroom to get ready.

Alice never liked to stand out. She always wore the same glasses and two braids. People always called her old-fashioned, but she didn't care. She practically hadn't cared about anything since then.


"Mama! Papa! Come play with me!"

"Coming, dear!" Her mother smiled.

"Up you go!" Her father said, lifting her.

"I love you Mama! I love you, Papa!" Alice giggled.


She tugged on her braids, remembering her past. She sighed.

"Let's go to school, then."


She walked downstairs and ate cereal for breakfast. Fast and simple. Then, she started off to school.


Heeeyy~ So I've actually been writing these chappies in offline mode, so I don't update them immediately. I've been traveling, so I'll try to update when I get wifi! And I know this chappie was SUPER DUPER SHORT! Please forgive me! Anyway, I hope you liked it and thanks for reading!

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