Step Brother


2. Chapter Two: Prank Wars

Ashley's P.O.V.


I woke up groaning and rubbing my eyes from the sleep and I walked downstairs I guess and guided myself by the wall. Once I walked in the room I noticed the boys all watching each other waiting for one to move and I yawned quietly and my stomach growled breaking the silence.

"Was that you Niall?" Liam asked groaning and I silently laughed.

"That wasn't me" Niall said and everyone was confused.

"But if it wasn't you and it's none of us then who was it? And don't tell me a ghost or is it a ghost?" Louis asks getting scared and I held in a laugh as the five started freaking out.

"I don't know where that noise came from" Zayn said an my stomach growled again and they started screaming and I couldn't help but let out a chuckle as they did.

"Boys will just be boys and never pay attention to who comes in or leave" I said laughing and walked into the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat.

"But how did you come in so silent?" Liam asks and I smiled shrugging.

"It's just who I am if I don't want someone to know I'm in the room I sneakily walk into the room just hopping no one is paying attention and just sometimes I'm tired to the point where I'm quiet" I said shrugging making a small face and I fell on the couch and I heard a groan.

"Ow Ashley you kicked me there" I heard Zayn say and he fell on his knees and I immediately went to his help but noticed the smirk on his face so I pushed him down.

"Ow that really did hurt there" Zayn said rubbing the back of his head.

"Never smirk when you are trying to prank me lesson number one I can tell when it's a prank by facial expressions and what are you hold" I said crossing my arms walking over to Harry and Louis.

"So it's still zero to zero split in your groups and decide on your pranks" Louis said in an announcers voice.

"My room now" Zayn said.

"Kitchen now" I said and the three of us went to the kitchen and we were thinking for a few.

"Oh I have an idea" I said wiggling my eyebrows.

"Well then share my young pupil" Louis said but I frowned.

"I can't were being watched" I said sniffing out the hair products that Zayn wears.

"By whom?" Harry asks.

"Zayn I can smell his hair products" I mumbled and smirked.

"You have an ingenious idea huh?" Louis asks.

"Okay here is the game plan Harry get the water ready Louis get the ketchup and mustard and I will get the super glue and spoons we do the prank tonight immediately at midnight" I said and when I smelled the air the hair product scent was gone.

"That was genius but Zayn just heard it" Harry said.

"That's not the real plan well partially" I said smirking.

"Explain this all" Louis said.

"Well when Zayn tells them our idea they will stay up all night tonight and tomorrow they will be drowsy because we will be in the kitchen the entire time so they can't get coffee and since it's seven they will be expecting us in only four to five hours" I said and Louis grinned hugging me.

"Harry I think you can learn from this pupil" Louis said and Harry pouted.

"Haz got any ideas?" I asked pinching his cheeks and he shook his head.

"Well Louis do you?" I asked and he shook his head.

"So I'm really all your hope huh?" I asked and they nodded puffing their cheeks and I giggled.

"Yeah sorry to put pressure on you" Louis said and I laughed.

"That's quite fine I had the idea already so when they fall asleep tomorrow Harry put a cup of coffee next to the three of them okay it's apart of the prank but you Louis get some kind of hormonal pills if you know of any and put it in their coffee but before all of that we take a bottle of syrup, feathers, and spoons and we will put it all over them and when they wake up they won't be paying attention because you two come in with three cups of coffee with those pills inside" I said and they grinned at the perfect idea.

"And that's why we love you" Harry said and we group hugged.

"I know now what should we do I'm bored and we are going to be in the kitchen for a long time.

"Let's bake" Harry said and I grinned.

"Niall is gonna hate us" I said letting out a small giggle as we started baking and in the end we made thirty cupcakes while we were all covered in flour.

"We go shower one at a time Louis you go first then Harry last me because I take a long shower" I said and they nodded Louis going off to shower and I bit into a cupcake and hummed at how good it is.

"This is so good" I said eating that cupcake to a finish when Louis came down in his sweatpants holding his shirt so he was shirtless.

"Your turn mate" Louis said to Harry and he left and I was sat on the counter.

"How good are they?" Louis asks pointing to the cupcakes and I grinned.

"Delicious that's all I can say" I said an he grabbed one eating it and we talked until it was my turn.

"I don't want to go I'm afraid of getting pranked" I said pouting and they laughed.

"Yeah you act all tough but your scared to get pranked?" Harry asks and I nodded.

"I'm just going to use the water not actually gonna wash my hair" I said and ran upstairs and I didn't know that I walked into a trap the three set up for me considering I had to go upstairs the other two didn't they were downstairs.

"Louis Harry help" I yelled as the three trapped me and I had no escape.

"Did you guys bake cupcakes?" Niall asks.

"Yes we got bored so if you let her go and free her you can have this tray to yourselves in Zayns room where you threw will be sleeping in right?" Louis asks and the three nodded untying me and I quickly showered putting on my bunny pj pants and a blue tank top and I had my bra on underneath it and I ran downstairs and since I put socks on I slid on the kitchen floor but was caught by a pair of arms.

"You okay love?" Louis asks and I nodded giggling.

"Yeah I'm perfectly fine" I said grinning as I stood on my feet properly and sat back on the counter and the two grinned at me.

"The three lads are mad" Louis said grinning.

"What did you guys do?" I asked.

"We started throwing the cupcakes at them and well we told them we would give it to them" Harry said and I laughed and leaned back grinning like an idiot.

"Does that count as a prank?" I asked.

"Of course it does that's why they are so down now" Louis said and I laughed.

"It's one to Zero" Harry said and I smiled.

"Good now we just wait and drink coffee or something to keep us awake and when you go to bed tomorrow to sleep lock your doors" I told the two and they nodded and saluted me as we kept an eye out as I had a cup of coffee in my hands Louis sat next to me on the counter with his arm around my shoulder.

"Love this is gonna be one rockin' night if you know what you are doing" Harry told me and I smiled and nodded.

"I have done this prank once before to my best friend she still hasn't found a way to get me back and it was one against two her partner gave up so now it's one on one" I said shrugging and Louis grinned.

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