Step Brother


3. Chapter Three: Let the Pranks Begin


Ashley's P.O.V.

"Alright wake up you two" I mumbled to Louis and Harry and we got all of the stuff ready and took it upstairs to Zayn's room to see the three asleep and I had Liam, Louis has Niall, and Harry has Zayn. I put syrup all over Liam's upper bare body and put feathers on his chest lightly pushing them down so they will stick. I moved to his legs which were very hairy and grabbed a dark purple sharpie and draw some things on them and and I wrote a few words then I went to his face and wrote AHL was here and drew a mens body part on his cheek knowing everyone will get a laugh at that but then I shook my head and scribbled it out and put a half a heart on his cheek and wrote 'In order to find the other half look at your coffee' and I looked up to see the two boys on my side chuckling they just saw what I scribbled out.

"Lets go" Louis mouthed to me and I nodded and held up a finger to signal a minute and wrote on Liam's other cheek. It said 'A, H, and L's property and took a picture of his chest his face in many angles and his legs at many angles and quietly walked out of the room and to the kitchen.

"Really you couldn't of just not drew that part?" Louis asks me and I smiled innocently.

"Hey pranking is my specialty" I said smiling showing the two the last thing I did to Liam and they laughed.

"A H L? Who is that?" Harry asks.

"A is for Ashley, H is for Harry, and L is for Louis" I said smiling at them.

"Now lets go give them their coffees" I said and they nodded and we walked of with their coffees and with those pills Harry somehow had.

"Niall babe wake up" I cooed to him caressing his cheek and his eyes fluttered open.

"Why? I'm tired" Niall said groggily.

"I brought you some coffee to drink here" I said as he sat up and took the coffee.

"What did you do to it?" I heard Liam ask.

"Nothing Li Li" Harry said and Niall took a drink of his drink.

"This is refreshing" Zayn said and I smiled as I got out of the room with the other two and we were half way downstairs when we heard them.

"LOUIS! HARRY! AND ASHLEY GET YOUR ARSES BACK HERE!" the three yelled in unison and we put our shoes on and ran out the door and to the nearest but farthest bakery.

"That was close boys but we did it" I said high fiving the two and I turned around and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Whoa I'm sorry love I didn't see you there" I heard a lovely Australian accent say.

"ASHTON" Louis yelled and cut in front of me hugging him.

"Hey Louis" Ashton said and I laughed.

"Louis don't make me tell Zayn on you" I said sassily.

"Sorry love" Louis said but laughed so hard he fell on the ground.

"Whats so funny?" Luke asks.

"We three pranked Liam, Niall and Zayn now we need to stay away for a little while they are p'ed off now because of what we did" I said smiling widely.

"What did you guys do?" Calum asks.

"We can't talk here" Harry said and Louis finally stood up after he sobered up.

"Lets go in this bakery" Louis said and that's what we did.

"So um we drew all over their faces and legs put syrup and feathers all over their chests then we gave them some coffee with hormonal pills in it and then walked off after waking them I had Zayn, Ashley here had Liam and Louis had Niall" Harry explained and I got out my phone showing them the pictures I took.

"What was suppose to be that thing that's scribbled out?" Michael asks me and my face grew red of embarrassment.

"Louis? Harry? One of you want to tell them?" I asked and the two laughed.

"She drew a mens body part there on his cheek then scribbled it out" Louis explained and the four laughed.

"Why did you scribble it out?" Luke asks me.

"My dad would of killed me as well as Trisha" I said shrugging.

"Who thought of this prank?" Ashton asks and I raised my hand and the four were shocked.

"Louis didn't come up with one part of it?" Calum asks.

"Nope it was all Ashley's idea" Harry said and the four high fived me.

"I don't wanna go back to the flat" Louis said.

"Neither do I" Harry says.

"Well unlike you two chickens I am going back whether you like it or not trust me they can not get me as long as I am acting" I said smiling.

"And what are you gonna do?" Louis asks me.

"I'm gonna go home crying for no reason and say something to get them to forget about the prank wars for a while until I can come up with a very good prank but I think I am juts not go back for a bit" I said and my phone started ringing and it was Zayn.

"Yes loser?" I asked him and he hissed at me.

"One of you three dyed my hair which one?" Zayn hissed.

"It wasn't me that's for sure I had to deal with Liam" I said.

"What was that thing scribbled out on his cheek?" Zayn asks me and I laughed.

"A mens body part" I said smirking and he gasped.

"I thought you were so innoecent all this time and you decided to trick me by doing that!" Zayn said mock of fake hurt.

"Hahaha well news flash I'm so not innocent around people who I can be myself with I have to be the perfect innocent angel around my mom and my step dad all I have to be for my dad is myself but with the innocent angel in there too now if you give up I understand because my friend couldn't find a good way to get back at me still" I said and he laughed.

"Please the three of us give up? No way we will get down and dirty if we have too" Zayn said laughing evilly and I dropped my smirk and frowned.

"But Zaynie remember what I said? I don't care how dirty this gets I can play dirtier if I wanted to oh and every part of this prank we pulled was my idea but the hair dying part maybe he felt like he needed to add a bit more just to tick you off" I said shrugging.

"Well come back please Niall, Liam, and I are waiting for your arrival of the three of you" Zayn said evilly.

"Let the Pranks Begin Boo" I said evilly and hung up.

"The three are waiting for our arrival so that can't be good because that means they have a prank set up my dad and Trisha have left for about three weeks and Doniya and Waliya are at one of their friends houses for the three weeks so the house is filled with the six of us and we can't go back not today nor tomorrow at least" I said and the two nodded.

"Boys I hate to ask but where are you staying?" I ask the four.

"We live in a flat just down the street why?" Michael asks.

"Do you mind if we crash there we need to get our next prank thought of and all of the stuff we need is around town" I said giving them my puppy dog face.

"Sure you three can crash at our temporary flat" Luke said and I grinned.

"Thanks a ton your helping out a little with it by just letting us stay well you helped us by letting us stay" I said grinning at them and my stomach growled and Louis got up and went to go get some food. He came back with tons of food not knowing my appetite either.

"Whose is all of that?" I asked with wide eyes and Louis handed Harry his own food and Louis took out some food giving me my food and I chowed down.


Author's Note: Heyyyyy sorry its shorter than usual but next chapter I promise it will be much longer than this if not I will do an update one day doing two long ass chapters!

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