Step Brother


1. Chapter One: The Meet

Ashley's P.O.V.


"Baby girl you are moving with your dad to England he met someone who lives there who has three kids one brother and two sisters" mom told me and I smiled.

"Okay mom" I said smiling and went to go pack my things.

"Just your electronics and a few outfits your dad is gonna but you new clothes in England" mom told me and I grinned.

"Okay mom" I said and did as told I pack my laptop and it's charger, my iPhone charger, my wii, my PS3, PS2, my 3DS, my video camera, and a few outfits along with my bunny pyjama pants and a tank top for a pyjama top.

"You ready?" Mom asks me and I nodded taking my duffel bag with me.

"That is you carry-on" dad told me and I hugged mom bye and told my step dad to take really good care of her then I went with dad to the airport his boss taking him and I.

"Call me when you guys land alright?" He asked and my dad answered.

"Okay and keep the business open" my dad replied and I looked out the window as we arrived at the airport and we went inside and got boarded on a plane for Bradford, England.

"Are you excited?" Dad asks me and I nodded.

"Kinda" I mumbled and drifted off to sleep. I was shaken awake by my dad and I stood up and stretched we had landed already I sleepily got my duffel bag and walked off the plane with my dad.

"Go get her already then" I said pushing him in the direction he was looking in as I grabbed his carry-on and walked over to where he was hugging a mother of three.

"Trisha meet my baby girl Ashley, Ashley meet Trisha and her three kids Doniya , Waliya, and Zayn" my dad said and I looked up at the name Zayn and saw that it was indeed Zayn Malik.

"Hi nice to meet ya" I said smiling a bit and took out my phone making sure my camera is facing me and I sighed good thing I don't have any make up on I look a mess.

"Good to finally meet you your dad couldn't stop talking about you" Trisha says making me smile at that.

"Goodness I'm tired but who cares I won't be able to sleep again" I said pouting and dad took his bag and I slung my heavy bag on my right shoulder it wasn't really heavy to me.

"Well let's take our stuff to the house then we will go to the mall" dad said.

"Alright" Trisha said and we all left and I noticed Zayn walking a little behind so I stopped and walked along side him.

"Why so down?" I asked him.

"Oh um just not really fond of mum seeing other guys" Zayn shrugged.

"I was just the same way with my mom you see you just don't want to see your mom to get hurt so you just stay quiet I understand that but now my mom has settled down with one guy I don't particularly like him but my mom is happy and that's all I want for her is for her to be happy" I said and he smiled down at me.

"Yeah and let me guess your the youngest in your family?" Zayn asks me.

"Yup the baby of the family and I hate it you don't always get what you want" I said and he laughed making me smile.

"Well how many step siblings do you have including the three of us?" Doniya asks.

"Five" I said shrugging.

"How many girls?" Waliya asks.

"Four Zayn being the only boy" I said and he pouted.

"But I'm glad because I have always wanted an older brother I already have an older sister even though she is only a half sister as me and her have different dad's" I said shrugging.

"Damn seven kids?" Zayn asks and I nodded.

"Yeah but you won't ever see my two step sisters" I said shrugging.

"How old are you?" Waliya asks.

"16 almost 17 September tenth" I said and they were shocked.

"Three days before Niallers birthday right Zayn?" Doniya asks.

"Yup" Zayn agrees.

"How many times have you dropped your phone?" Waliya asks and I thought for a minute.

"A lot of times I don't even remember anymore but I know it doesn't have one single crack in it" I said and Zayn went crazy.

"OH MY GOODNESS HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?" He yelled and grabbed our parents attention and I laughed and so did the two girls.

"Prove that you don't have one single crack" Doniya says giving me a look and I took out my phone taking off my Louis case and showed them my phone and they pouted.

"It's just pure luck and you know what they say the luck of the Irish" I said grinning and the three laughed at me.

"Your Irish for sure" Zayn says ruffling my hair and I glared at him and wildly shook my head getting my hair exactly like how I love my hair fixing it up a bit.

"Never touch my hair again oh and watch your back mister" I hissed and walked off but my shoulder started hurting from how heavy my bag is and I shrugged it off carefully setting it down we were on our way to their vehicle but it's so far away.

"Where did you guys park?" I asked.

"Uh oh we should of made the lads come in with us we should of already been at the vehicle" Zayn said with wide eyes and picked up my bag for me and rushed me off of the street taking out his phone calling someone.

"Liam where are you lads?... Well hurry and get back my mum is going to be furious because we picked someone up here at the airport" Zayn said groaning.

"Those lads better have a good excuse" Trisha yelled furiously and my eyes widened and coward even though it's not to me I always hated it when someone yelled furiously.

"Don't yell my daughter hates it when someone yells furiously" my dad said and calmed her down and it was a bit hot out here.

"It's so hot why couldn't they just stay put and I'm also hungry" I pouted as my stomach growled.

"We are here sorry Louis took the wheel and went crazy" Liam apologised and Louis was pouting and I laughed.

"That lad is always getting into trouble" Zayn said making me laugh again.

"I was only going to get everyone food" Louis whined and my eyes went wide and my stomach growled even louder and I looked down embarrassed as I heard laughing.

"Someone must be starved" my dad joked winking at me and I smiled.

"Well for one I woke up early this morning starving my butt off and not being able to eat because of this big move mom wouldn't even make me anything nor let me make anything and you didn't buy me food but then again I slept on the plane so I guess that's on me but I'm really really really hungry to the point I will eat anything and won't be picky" I said glaring at my da playfully.

"Good thing I did get the food then" Louis said and I smile and we all got in I was in between Louis and Zayn.

"My name is Ashley btw" I said to the four boys.

"Hi Ashley and here pick whatever you want" Liam said handing me a food bag and it said Nandos.

"Don't tell her that she will take it to heart and eat it all I have been there and done that I didn't get a single crumb" my dad said and I laughed.

"That was your fault for saying it" I said and grabbed a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and carrots and I smiled.

"Mine" I said glaring handing the bag off digging in immediately.

"Don't touch her food when she is hungry she is a monster" dad told them and I looked up to see Niall frozen in place reaching to grab a chicken.

"You grab I bite I'm not afraid to bite your hand off" I hissed and he took his hand back frightened and I finished eating and someone handed me a drink.

"What drink is this?" I asked them.

"Coca cola" Harry said and I took a sip.

"Thanks for the food and TURN THE AIR UP" I hollered sitting back relaxing and I heard Zayn laugh along with Louis.

"What's so funny?" I asked innocently and they laughed harder.

"You" Zayn said grinning.

"How am I funny?" I asked them.

"Your loud just like me but you were shy at first until we brought up the mention of food" Louis said and I smiled.

"I can compare to most of you boys I like to sleep and keep my hair in one place and hate when people mess it up, I love to eat especially carrots um chicken I love almost anything, I am shy at first but then once you get to know me I'm very loud and I like to prank people, I am responsible most of the time though I am not one fond of getting into trouble and I have naturally curly hair and love to keep it styled when it's curly" I said and they all laughed and shook their heads.

"Well at least we know you will be joining the prank wars with Louis" Zayn mumbled and I laughed and shrugged.

"I'm quite in a pranking mood right now but I won't don't want to ruin my dad's chances of being happy" I said smiling sincerely at Trisha.

"Well since you are being nice either way I will allow the six of you too have pranking wars but don't go to hard on her now she may not be as rough as you boys" Trisha said and I laughed.

"No I'm fine as long as we have teams" I said and they all grinned.

"Me and Harry call Ashley to be on our team" Louis yelled and Zayn pouted and I patted his arm.

"Next time okay Zayn?" I asked and he nodded with a small smile and we arrived to the house Zayn took my bag inside and dad took his bag inside.

"Where are we going?" Niall asks curiously.

"The mall so my dad can get me and him more clothes as I was told to not bring all of my clothes" I said and the five grinned.

"Then what was in that bag?" Zayn asks and I looked all around wishing I would be able to avoid the question but no I had to answer.

"My games and electronics" I mumble just loud enough for them to hear and they all grinned.

"What electronics?" Louis asks.

"My wii, laptop, PS3, PS2, 3DS, a video camera and all of the chords with a few of my favourite outfits and shoes" I said you see I'm wearing my flats and now they are hurting my feet for how I'm sitting.

"So how does it feel like to not be the youngest anymore?" Waliya asks and I shrugged.

"Honestly it makes me feel kind of relieved to not have to be the baby of the family anymore I have hated it since day one got into fights with my sister a lot then she wanted to call me lucky because apparently I always got what I wanted when in reality if I got everything I wanted do you really think I would be quiet at school and not act out of place? I would of also probably one of those girls who takes a while choosing wait no that's me now um I meant who makes sure she doesn't eat carbs" I said shrugging and they nodded in agreement and we arrived at the mall.

"My legs a aching from sitting in the car for too long" I mumbled and the five boys came up behind me and I squealed as someone picked me up and put me on their shoulder as I put my hands over my eyes and peaked to see Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry surrounding me and Zayn chanting my name and I shook my head.

"Whoa Ashley you okay?" Liam asks and I nodded.

"Yeah it's not that I'm afraid of heights it's just that I'm scared of falling" I said pouting as I calmed down and Zayn patted my leg.

"Don't worry boo I won't let you fall" Zayn cooed.

"You two just met and you already gave her a pet name as a little step sister what if this is just an act and she is just evil like in the Cinderella stories" Niall said with wide eyes and I gasp.

"How dare you accuse me of such things" I said in mock of hurt and everyone laughed except for Zayn he smiled though.

"Well try these on don't worry bout the price" Zayn told me they had offered to buy all of my clothes and help pick them out Zayn and Liam went to dresses while Harry and Louis went to shirts and bottoms while me and Niall went to shoes and I got heels, flats, wedges, wedged tennis shoes, Vans, and last but not least TOMs Niall just finished buying them all and we came back to Liam and Zayn first so I can try everything on before they bought them I didn't really want them buying my clothes but I was defeated when I didn't have any money. I tried on a Pink and black stripped dress it was strapless and went a little above my knees it was flowy as well. It fit good and I actually felt pretty with it and I walked out looking at the boys and they all turned around and jaws dropped and I went to go put on the purple spaghetti strap dress that I could tell Liam picked it out.

"Liam you picked that out didn't you?" Niall asks and Liam nodded grinning.

"Well it looks really pretty" I said grinning and they did too.

"Pretty like you as well" Zayn said and I went back into the changing room getting back into my clothes handing Liam and Zayn all the dresses as me and Niall ran to where Louis and Harry were at and they handed me all the items they had and I went into the changing stalls and after I finished trying each on and showing it off they paid for it and we met everyone at the food court me and Niall getting in line for food.

"I heard you have dropped your phone a lot but not one single crack it has to be the luck of the Irish" Niall says and I nodded.

"But how do you know I'm Irish?" I asked.

"I can hear the small accent when you speak" Niall said and I smiled and we ordered our food and he paid as we went to go sit with our food as we had ordered a lot and we chowed down sharing every now and then.

"Can you wait to go back to the house?" Louis asks.

"What's happening when we get to the house?" I asked.

"First you put away all of your stuff then we are starting the prank war" Harry said and I grinned finished eating standing up taking my tray and drink chugging it down throwing away the trash and went back to the family as we grabbed all of the bags taking them to the vehicle and hopped in and I had to sit in someone's lap and Harry and Louis had me sitting in both of their laps because if I sat in someone else's lap I would of been a trader.

"You boys can't be serious can you?" I asked hoping they were joking but they weren't.

"We are totally serious" Louis said trying to keep a straight face.

"Come on Louis we all know you wanna smile or laugh" I cooed poking his cheek and he bit his lip.

"He is ticklish" Liam let out and I grinned and motioned the tickle monster.

"Come on Lou I don't have the guys to tickle you considering it will be hard to get me back" I said pouting.

"It's true she is not ticklish and she sleeps with a locked door" dad informs them and I smirked.

"How are you not ticklish?" Niall asks.

"I'm just not" I mumbled snuggling into Louis and fell asleep right then and there I was exhausted from all of the events that happened today.

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