The Darkest Corners of the Ocean

People cry, but for what? They paid no attention to me, and if they had spent a shred of time with me, they would have been aware of how depressed I really was. These people were grieving, not for the loss of the teenager who just killed herself, but grieving because that is what you are suppose to do when someone dies. Right? They should have been there for her. They should have known. It is all their fault, and now, I'm dead.


2. Chapter two

I wake up, not from nightmares for once, but a noise. I don't know what time it is, but I do know it is late. I look around my room confused and delusional. I grab a lamp and run downstairs.

"I know your'e in here. I have a weapon. You-you better leave now!" I stutter. I inch toward the corner and peak over to see a little lump on the ground in the kitchen. I turn on the light, and I see a cat. It looks as if it has been beaten. I gasp and make my way toward the abused animal. I go to touch it and it hisses at me. "Shh. It is ok. I won't hurt you." I say comfortingly. I touch its leg and it wails. I jump back, startled from the noise. I see a big gash on its eye, and some of its hist has been ripped off. "Who in the world would do something like this to such a beautiful creature? Hang on kitty, I will be right back. Don't move." I run up to the bathroom to get first aid.

Hours pass and I am still trying to stop the blood coming from the cat, but it is too late. This beautiful, misunderstood girl is now dead. I take its dead caucus and set it outside while. I get a shovel to burry it.

The sun has risen, and I have just got finished with the cat. I go inside to clean up. I look in the mirror. My green eyes are cloudy, and my light skin is dirty from digging and my pink cheeks are stained from tears. I tried so hard, and once again I am not good enough. That cat is dead now, because I couldn't save it.

I wipe the soapy washcloth over my chest as I cry over the loss of the life. I start to choke on my cries, and lower myself to a sitting position. I curl in the tub, as the water drops onto my naked wet body. I don't know how long I was in there for, but finally I got out and dried off. I get dressed in my usual dark clothing, and comb out my hair and putting a beanie on. I apply my eyeliner and head out the door, still sniffling. I was late to first period, and walked in. Everyone glared at me. I slouched and took my seat, I heard people whispering in the back. I fought back tears, I fought them back when they started laughing, but then the bell rang. My head was spinning, my mind was a cluster. I got out to the hallway but I tripped, and that is when I lost it. I couldn't hold it back any longer. I cried. I cried for every time someone laughed at me. I cried for every mean name I have ever been called. But mostly I cried for feeling so alone. I stood up, forgetting my fallen things, and ran out of the laughing hallway, out into the warm sun. I rip off my backpack throwing it to the ground. I run, my heart beating fast, and tears streaming down my face. I have had enough. I get to the edge of the cliff that called me yesterday. I look down, my stomach lurches. This is the end. I feel....peaceful. Peaceful at last.

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