Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


11. Meet my dad.

Im secretly hoping you love me too.-

Christian's POV.

I was in my car on my way home to Jacque. We hadn't really talked things through. We had just talked on the phone like nothing ever happened, and i asked if i could see her tonight. She said her family wanted her to eat with them tonight, but i could join them. It could be awkward, or me and Jacque could get back on track. I miss her like crazy.

I drove up her driveway. Her house were huge. Like really huge. You could tell she didn't need money. I parked my car and looked across the front yard. There was a fountain, like what the fuck? And there was a lot of green grass, it was a simply but outstanding front yard. I got out of the car and locked it after me, even though i was sure nobody in this neighbourhood would steal my car. I walked up the stars to the big front door and knocked on. Jacque showed up quickly after and smiled at me. " Hey Christian. Whats up?" She asked and sighed. This was kinda awkward. " Where's your parents?" I asked and raised my eyebrows in hope they weren't here. 

" They are the dinner table. My mom's name is Lewanda, and my dad's name is Eric." She said and smiled at me. We walked into the dinner table and i smiled at her dad when i saw him. He was a little man, had brown eyes, a little beard on the upper lip, he wore glasses, and he was actually very little of a adult man to be. I guess that's where Jacque has her height from. " Hi. My name is Christian. It's nice to finally meet you." I said and laughed.

Eric took my hand and squeezed it. " Hi Christian. I'm Eric. And this is my wife Lewanda. So it's you who has been taking Jacques attention lately huh?" He said and laughed. Jacque looked at us and laughed. " He haven't caught my attention. Shall we sit?" She asked and smiled at us. Eric laughed. " Yes. Lets sit down. The food is almost ready." He said and raised his eyebrows. " Sounds great. Sit here babe." I said and pointed at the chair next to me. " Are you thirsty?" Jacque asked. Eric took my attention from Jacque when he began to talk again. " Tell us something about yourself." He said and licked his lips.

" Um.. I live alone. I take online college classes, and i work for my dad. Just water please Jacque." I lied and coughed. " But what about College? Why online classes? They recommend you meet up to your classes." I grapped Jacques hand under the table to find comfort in this room. This was worse than being at the police station. " I don't know. That is easiest for me when i wanna work at the same time." I lied. 

" Aha. Well i want Jacque on Yale. Right Jacque?" I laughed. " Really Jacque? Did you get in? Thats great!" I said and squeezed her hand. " Im not getting in dad. Im not that much in school anymore. And i don't got what it takes anymore." She said and bite her lip. " I don't believe that." I said and smiled at her.

" Bull Jacque. You know we have had this talk with you before. They wanna see you at the test and see if you can get in. Don't be so shy. You're amazing Jacque." He laughed. 

" But anyway, i got ready for surgery today on work. I needed to fix some stuff." He said and nodded. " Exciting. What kinda surgery is it?" She asked and licked her lips. " Oh you were a Surgeon right? Exciting." He laughed at me. "I am Christian. My patient needs a new heart, so thats a huge project." He said and nodded. 

" You two found each other really quick i must say. How long have you been dating? Hows everything with Alec by the way?" Jacque looked at the food that was served in front of her and raised shortly her shoulders. " We have known each other for some months now, but we haven't talked about dating yet. But he isn't allowed to see anyone else than me, and it has been like that for some weeks now. Me and Alec is kinda fighting. Its nothing. Thanks for food. Im not hungry after all." She said and smiled at her dad. " Some weeks.. Well go up stairs then. I don't wanna keep you two down here." He said. " Thanks dad. Come." She said to me and got up from her chair. She walked towards the stairs with me. " Let me see your room." I said and winked at her. " I have been so excited to show you my room!" she said and laughed. " your parents are nice people Jacque." I said and licked my lips.

" Are you okay? You don't seem very happy?" I asked when we got into her bedroom and laughed. " Its nothing. Im just tired." She said and walked towards her big bed. " Shall we see a movie or something? Its only 8." I asked and laughed. 


We had been watching a movie called the notebook. It didn't say me much. We had taken a shower together and now we stood naked in the bathroom with nothing but towels on our bodies. 

" I should brush my teeth." She said and walked towards her sink. 

" You should've don't it in the shower like me." I said and laughed. 

" The water on the brush has to be wet." She said and got her brush ready with toothpaste.

" What difference does it make? By the way.. You look so great right now." I said and laughed. " It doesn't feel as good if it isn't a cold brush. But you look great too." She said and got done with brushing her teeth quickly. She could feel it too. We craved each other right now. That was why she was so fast brushing her teeth. " Im used to the cold water on my brush too. Did you lock the door?" I asked and smiled at her. " I locked the door. I think." she said and laughed. " We'll see if you locked the door." I said and laughed. She turned towards me and i walked up to her. I pulled the towel off her and looked down at her naked beautiful body. I grapped her hips and pulled her up on the sink. She laid her arms around me and closed her eyes. She relaxed when she was so close to me, i could feel it by her breath. We enjoyed this even though we weren't having sex yet. We just stood naked close to each other and that was enough. I got all close to her so there was no inch of air between us. I pussed my hips towards hers so she could feel my boner towards her juices. I kissed her gently on the lips and moaned towards her lips. She moaned right back and ran her fingers through my hair. She pulled my towel off me and pulled herself even closer to me. I licked my lips and laughed at her. I got my forehead right on hers and looked down in her beautiful dark brown eyes. She moaned quietly and wrapped her legs harder around me. She closed her eyes and bite her lip. I stood so close up at her that i could feel her heartbeat. Fast. It was really fast. " You're so beautiful." I whispered to her and laughed. 

She opened her mouth to catch her breathe and bite her lip afterwards. " Christian." She said and pulled my hair.

" Mm.." I moaned and licked my lips. I pulled her close to me and slide my dick up in her juices and we became one person right in that moment. " Mm.. Oh my god." She moaned and pulled me closer to her. 


" Are you still tired or nah?" I asked her as we laid in the bed. We came from the bathroom to the bed, and we just had the greatest sex ever. I think i love her.. I couldn't tell yet. But my feelings were so strong about her, i couldn't even describe this kinda feeling. 

" Im more awake now." She said and licked her lips. 

" Good." I said.

" Mm.." She moaned and laughed at me.

" You have no plans for tomorrow?" i asked and smiled at her. 

" No.. I don't." she answered and laughed. 

" Good. When are you going to the doctor? Soon or nah?" I asked and raised my eyebrows. " Wednsday next week. But hey.. When are you taking online classes? Ive never seen you do them?" She said and winked at me. " Online classes? You know.. I take them when I'm alone. No.. Haha. Its just, he would ask about the college if i said i went to one." I said and laughed. " Yea sure. Im not stupid. You should take school serious Christian. You could be something big." She said and laughed. " I can't be anything but bad." I said and smiled at her.

" Nah, i don't believe you Christian. I think you can be something great. You're not gonna be pusher for the rest of your life huh?" She asked. " I don't hope so. Maybe i'll figure out someday.. But it would only be because of you, and for you." i answered and looked at her. " Christian, promise me, even if I'm not here anymore, that you will get out of that shit. Don't do it for me, but for the family you one day could get with a great girl somewhere." she said and licked her lips. " But i don't wanna do it for anyone, but you. I can't promise you that, but i will try my best." i said and smiled at her. " Shut up Christian. Promise me you won't be in trouble when you are 25." she said and sighed. " Sure. I promise! Its not dangerous what I'm doing. I can get out of the easily." " i know. But you have a few enemies. but now you have made me a promise, you better keep it." She said and laughed. " Im gonna keep my promise, and i hope you are there to see me do better." " There will be others to see it. Whats your dream job?" She asked and smiled at me.

" I don't have a dream job. Ive never thought about it actually." I said and laid my hand on my neck as i thought about the question. " Maybe a business man. You like working with people. Or else there is always wall mart." She said and winked at me. " Sure. I don't believe that. I would rather be unemployed then. " " Thats your loss. Just take school serious." She said and nodded. " Sure i will." I said. " Great. Then i'll be proud of you." she said and raised her eyebrows shortly.

We laid in the bed for a couple of hours, naked. And she fell asleep in my arms, and i looked at her, and her naked body for a very long time and just admired this beautiful person i got in my arms. She was beautiful inside out, and she deserved to live happily. 

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