Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


10. Guess this is how we are together.

The worst feeling.-

Jasmine's POV.

I had told Justin that i had cancer and he didn't take it all too well. I haven't been speaking with him for days now, and i missed him like hell. I was sure it was over between us. And it was also over between me and Shaun. We had broken up because i kinda owed Shaun that, after i had been cheating on him. Oh gosh, I'm such a bad person..

I sat in my room and watched tv all alone, when my door to my balcony opened. It was Justin. He got into my room and looked at me like he was broken. " Jasmine.." He begged. " What are you doing here? I thought we were over! You kinda made that clear to me after the first day where i didn't hear from you." I said and bite my lip. " Im here to talk about the stuff, and say sorry for everything. I got scared Jasmine. It was all too much for me. I Had to leave for a couple of day to find myself again." He said. " Why didn't you apologise days ago? That's why i didn't tell you i had cancer! Cause i knew you would react like an idiot! I don't wanna listen to you. Leave." He bite his lip nervously. " Because for two days ago i didn't know what to say to you other than I'm sorry! I needed time! We all react differently! We are different! You know that! If you had told me sooner i would've reacted differently! I acted like an idiot! But I'm here to say sorry, am i still an idiot then? I'm not leaving." He said and sat down on my bed next to me. " Should i have told you sooner, so you would leave me easier? I don't wanna look at you! i didn't know you could be like this. I accepted your job! You lied too! Who would want me if they knew i had cancer? " " You should've told me from the start! Yes! Cause then it wouldn't have been such a chok for me. I though you were healthy and that i could treat you like i wanted, but if i knew you were sick i would've been more careful! I wouldn't care less abut you, why would i do that? But i wanna see you Jasmine, and i do care. If didn't care then i wouldn't be here apologising. You had a hard time accepting me. You were choked too. You gotta admit that. I want you, and i care so fucking much about you! Okay?" He said. " Ive felt so bad since you left, because i thought you didn't care Justin. I don't want this. Im only getting worse, and then we have to say good-bye as well! So lets end this now. I don't want you to treat me differently." He rolled his eyes at me, he thought i was ridiculous. He was so annoying right now. Why didn't he just leave? " Don't you think I've felt awful too? I did care! All the time! Of course you need to be treated differently! You are sick, and you can get worse." He said and licked his plumped lips. " I don't wanna listen to you. I don't want you! Just leave already please! Its for the best for us both! Lets stop now." " You don't want me? Really? Are you serious? Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want me, if i believe you, i'll leave. Don't you wanna see me again? If i walk out of that door now, i don't wanna hear from you again. Do you get that?" I bite my lip. " Stop it. I don't wanna talk with you. Its for the best you leave now." i said. " See.. You don't wanna end this Jasmine. Stop it. It would be the best thing to do, but it isn't what we want, is it? Im not leaving you again. I'll be here to hold your hand through this." He said and licked his lips. " But you left Justin. You didn't fucking care, cause you left. You can't just leave every time things gets troubled." I said and laid my hands in front of my face, to try and relax, instead of blowing up in his head. " I left because i got scared! I did care! I needed to think Jasmine. It isn't everyday you're getting told that the person you care most about is having cancer. Please don't.." " I don't want this Justin. Im sick, and its only getting worse." I said and began to cry. I couldn't hold my tears inside anymore, i had to let it all out, and just cry like I've never cried before. 

" I don't care Jasmine. I like you, and i won't let you die to that fucking disease. I'll help you the best i can, i promise. Im not leaving you again." I bite my lip and tried to catch my breathe, and figure out what i should do with this heavy promise he gave me. 

" Im not leaving you. Im here to stay. What about we tell each other everything from now on, no more secrets. And you tell me about your decease so i know something about it?" He asked and smiled at me with a loveable smile. Not the same charming one. 

" Okay. What do you wanna know?" He smiled at me. " Come on. Tell me whats happening to you, other than you're getting bruises by me touching you." He said and smiled at me. " Im getting dizzy. Tried, my nose is bleeding a lot. like when we were on the club. There not more to it." I said and smiled at him. " How often does that happen? Is it like once in a week or more?" He asked and licked his lips. " Its different. Sometimes everything happens at one day, and other times it doesn't. and if I'm lucky i won't feel anything for a whole week." He bit his lip. " Are you gonna get worse, or do you just expect to get worse?" He asks and licked his lips. " I don't know. The chance is huge. I might have year or maybe even just a half." i answered. " Have you been more sick than you are now?" He asked. " Its been worse, but its like this for a long time. Im just waiting for a change." I said and raised my shoulders shortly.

" That was a lot. Can we go for lunch? I need to go out with you." He asked and winked at me. " Out for lunch? Okay. But there aren't so much more to tell." He looked at me for a while. " i'll pay, Nandos. Is there anybody home or can i quit the balcony?" He asked and laughed. " We are alone. I should change my clothes then." I said and laid my hands on my cheek as i couldn't believe we already were good again. He knew i had cancer.. everything was wrong in my head. Oh my god. " I'll ask questions while you're changing then. Do you take drugs other than Chemo?" He asked and laid his left hand on his neck. " A lot actually."

I got up from the bed and went to the door to my closet. I opened the door and turned on the lights. I got inside and walked towards my wardrobe in my closet. I got a top with a opened neck and change dingo that, and a pair of black leggins. I grapped a pair of sneakers with a military print on it. I got a white beanie on the top of my morning hair and went out to Justin again. " When do you take it? I've never seen you take any pills?" He asked. " Every morning and evening." I responded.


We drove for a while and we stopped at the mall. We were going to eat on Nandos, even though my appetite weren't that good. Everything seemed too perfect. Something was wrong. I was waiting for it with the unlikely stomach feeling. 

" come on. I hope you're hungry." He said and laughed. " A little. Its just lunch." i said and laughed. He trapped my hand as we got out of the car and got his fingers in between mine and squeezed my hand. " What do you want in there?" We got inside the restaurant and he walked up to a server. " A Table for 2." He demanded and laughed. " I don't know. Something easy." i answered and smiled at him.

" Just look at menu then." He said and sighed. " Okay.. Lets see.." I said and sat down on the chair at the table the server showed us. 

" i want big water with ice. And a chicken steak with fries, rise and ketchup. What do you want to drink Jasmine?" He asked. " A number 4. With ice water, and.. Yea thats it." I said and sighed. " Is that enough? I have a question. When you are getting worse, how do you then know?" He said and sighed. " i'll get more food if i want more. I go to test all the time, so they will tell me if anything is getting worse." I answered and smiled at him. " Okay.. Then you have to get dessert too. How often do you get test?" He asked and smiled his charming smile at me. " Its at chemo once a week." I answered and raised my eyebrows. 

After a while we stopped the talk about cancer. It was too boring and i wanted to enjoy my meal.

" i was together with Shaun the day after you left me. Then i got into a fight with him as well." I said and swallowed a lump in my throat when i realised it maybe was the different signed to give, or the wrong thing to say. " Why were you with him? Did you have sex?" He asked and swallowed a lump in his throat. He didn't like this conversation. Neither did i. " He knew i was sad. You weren't there, if you remember it? Cant we stop talking about this?" " you didn't answer my question. Did you have sex?" He raised his eyebrows. " What makes you think we had sex? How can you even ask? Of corse not! I just lost my appetite." " We aren't dating, and you could cheat on him. Im sorry, i just wanted to make sure you didn't have sex with him. eat. " He said and pointed at my food. " You made me cheat! If i knew you would think like that i would never have done it. I'm leaving." I said and took my wallet up from my back. I threw some money on the table and got up from my chair. " You don't think Shaun could make you do it? How am i so different? You aren't leaving! Do you understand that?! You are not leaving! What a behaviour! You were the one who cursed at me because i left, and now you do it yourself!" He yelled at me. 

" Because you and Shaun aren't the same! I would never do that to you! Im sorry for what i did to Shaun! Shut your fucking ass up!" I said and left the restaurant. " Watch your mouth when you are talking to me Jasmine! You're getting upset over nothing! Get yourself together! i'll drive you home. I don't wanna look at your face." He said and walked with me towards his car. " Over nothing? It is something! you are accusing me for cheating on you! I would never do that to you! I would never have cheated on Shaun if i knew you would be like this! Who have you been fucking with in the last couple of days huh?" I stepped back from him so i could look at him. " it is nothing! It was a simple question! You said you had been together with Shaun and then you get upset! Do you wanna fight? And you would never have been sleeping with me if you knew i would be like this? Oh my jesus christ! I haven't been fucking anybody since i left you! I haven't had any girlfriends before you and i was sad and i wouldn't do that to you! You could just ask me and i would answer, but you're only asking me because you thought i would get upset too." He said and grapped his keys. " You're awful! I won't sit in that car if you're talking to me! Or else i will find a cap, they won't accuse me for cheating." " I'm just doing everything wrong now, huh? I will stop talking to you then, like a normal person who wants to fix their problems with someone else. Get in. i don't wanna fight with you." He said and sighed. I got into the car and got my seatbelt on. i was so mad and pissed at him. Who was his to accuse me for cheating on him? Now i knew were the bad feeling was coming from. 

We drove for a while and got out on the highway before he started the conversation with me again. We got into the typical L.A traffic and was stuck on the highway. He I had sat myself on the backseat cause he kept talking to me. " We could have awesome sex right now, but you'd rather lay back there and be mad. Fair enough." " We couldn't do that. People would notice us, so i'll just lay back here." I said and got more comfortable on the backseats. " Douche. That wouldn't stop me from giving you the pleasure you always crave from me." He said and shortly raised his shoulders. " Douche? you are a douche! You could come back here.. But oh well douche." " Don't tell me you didn't suggest this. We are stuck here for a long time, so nobody will notice." He said and stepped out of the car. He got into the backseat and smacked the door behind him, and laid on top of me. " The cars will drive." I said and looked out at the windows. " And so what? I wanna fuck you. you're the most frustration, annoying, mot beautiful and sweetest person i know. Keep being like that. Im sorry for the way i treat you." He said and swallowed a lump in his throat. 

" Im not changing. Don't worry." I said and pulled my leggins down. " Ive missed you." He said and pulled his pants and boxers down. He started jacking him self while he fingered me. He kissed me on the mouth and everything got hot between us. I kissed passionated back and relaxed under him. I moaned towards his lips and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled his big dick up in my juices and we drove each other crazy on the backseat on his car, making love in the traffic. 

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