Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


13. Dad, you don't know him.

Jacque's POV.

Today i've had chemo. Chemo is a drug that is supposed to make all the cancer cells die. You get into the hospital and sit on your bed, a nurse gives pulls a needle into your arm, and the chemo drops every 2 minute, and then it goes on for an hour or two where you just sit and wait for the chemo drop to be empty. It makes you sick. Some gains weight by taking chemo, other loose weight. I loose weight, i get pale, and i throw everything up i have in my stomach. Its like having the flu for a whole day. 

That day was a lot worse than others. I had the bad feeling in my stomach, that it was all getting worse. I sat in my room, and squeezed my pillow, while i watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. That was what i had been doing all day since i got home from Chemo. It knocked on my door and all my attention got drawn towards the door. " Come in. " i said and coughed. The door opened and my dad entered my room. " Mom had made some food to you. you got to have something in your stomach." he said and raised he eyebrows. " I got food on the hospital. I have eaten. Cant you put it down in the fridge, so i can eat it tomorrow?" i asked and coughed again. " I have something i wanna talk to you about Jacque. That boy.. Christian." " What is there about him? Whats up?" I said and ran my fingers through my hair. " I don't think he's good for you. I have found out some stuff about him. People knows him." " What is good for me dad? Don't you think i know about him?" I asked. " What is he doing then? Do you know everything? Jacque he is taking all your energy! Its not like thats what you need right at the moment. I don't want you to see him anymore." " i know him Dad! I didn't know it all the time, but i found out, and I've accepted him. It doesn't change his personality that he has a different job than others. He's not taking all of my energy. Im tired, and I've been that for 4 years. He only makes me happy. Nothing else. Who should i see other than him? Tobias from Chemo? Steffan who is dying as well?" " No Jacque. He has been to jail. You don't know what he has done before you. He's dangerous. I don't want you to see him anymore." He said and sighed. " No dad! He's not dangerous! Especially not for me! Im dying anyways! I'd rather die with a dangerous guy, than lay in a hospital bed and be a vegetable and look at you and moms sad faces! You cant keep me alive forever dad!" I said and sighed. " You're not dying! You're gonna make it! The doctor is saying great things about you, and they are doing the best for you. Whatever you were sick or not i wouldn't want you to see a guy like him." " I cant believe you're saying this after 4 years dad! Aren't you a surgeon? Aint you supposed to be a realist? You cant decide if i see him or not." i said and looked at him. " I am a surgeon, and i know the chances are there. Thats the most important. You are 17 years old, and as long as you live under my roof, i decide if you see that guy or not." He said and looked at me. " After 4 years? Wow you're gonna get choked when i die! You really wanna ruin this for me huh? I cant see normal people anymore! Just get me into the hospital already then!" I said and shoke my head. " Normal people Jacque? He's not normal. You can see anymore, but him." He said and licked his lips.

" Im not normal neither! People judges me at school dad! They don't wanna hang out with the sick girl! Im not seeing anyone but him!" I said and licked my lips. " You're staying away from him. I don't want to see him in my house again. Im sorry." He said and sighed. My dad left my room and i sat there all alone with a stomach that burned from anger. I could explode right in the moment.

My phone vibrated and i grapped it. It was Christian. I check the message and sighed.

# Why don't you pick up your phone when i call you? #

I sighed and looked around my room for answer to the message. I was too upset to call him. I would hear how angry and upset i was by my voice.

# Because I'm sick, and tired. I wanna sleep Christian. Goodnight. # 

He texted me after two minutes.

# How was Chemo? We didn't get to talk Jacque..# 

Why did he had to be so annoying right now? I didn't want talk with him. 

# It was hard on me today. I'll call tomorrow when i feel better :)#

He answered right back.

# Call if anything happens baby. Sleep tight.#

I felt bad. Everytime he called me baby, i got all weak in my knees. I wanted to call him right in the moment, but then he would worry about how upset i am.

# I will. Goodnight <3#

I fell asleep after a while laying and thinking everything through. Why did this have to happen to me? Why did my dad have to be so unfair? I knew what Christian did was wrong, and i actually didn't know everything he had done. But i freaking cared about that guy, and i couldn't just let him go now. I was too attached to him. 


Oh my god! over 200 Views! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! And thanks to the 12 people who reads a long, every time i post a chapter! Thanks for the likes, and for the few comments. Remember you can chat with me in the comments, if you have ideas or anything else to say, or you can tweet me if you feel like. Me and my sister is still working on the story. This Novella is soon done, and then there will be a part 2, so i hope you all are ready for some more! I will keep writing everyday. Me and my sister is a bit lazy with the trailer, but it will be up sooner or later. If anyone of you would like to make a trailer, do it and link me. I would love to watch it :) 

Stay tuned for more :) Me and my sister is so excited over how many actually reads this novella. :) 

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