Breaking bad

Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are underground drug dealers. Jasmine Villegas and Jacque Rae is two girls who suffers from leukaemia. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die from your sickness? The girls finds out when they meet the boys. The boys were told from the very start not to get too attached to the girls. But they don't really listen. The girls dads finds out what kinda boys they are seeing, and everything changes. The only thing the boys were told to do, was to keep their distance. Find out what happens when they don't.

This movellas, is just a little project i have in my head, and it would be cool if anybody wanted to read along. I get inspiration from many places, and my sister is a big help as well, so I'm getting help writing this. Hope you all enjoy.

The story is told by 4 points of views, and it may be confusing at first, but if you keep reading, you will get it


5. Alec, this is Christian. Christian this is Alec.

Everything's gonna be fine.-

POV. Jacque.

Christian had just arrived to my house. I called him earlier asking him to come and hang out with me. Now that he was here i was unsure if i had done the right thing. Maybe i shouldn't have called. He's not Alec, and we all know what i wanna do with Christian isn't okay when i have Alec.

I sait down in my bed and looked at him. " What's up?" I said as relaxed as i could, even though i was way too excited about him being here. He bite his lip and looked at me. " Not that much. Have you talked to Alec?" He asked. " Not about us two. But we had great sex. I came twice. " i said and looked around the room. Please let this make him jealous about me and Alec! Please! " Did it make you feel better? About that i made you come the day before? You know i don't have to be inside of you to give you pleasure Jacque. But i guess everything's okay in your relationship now?" I lifted my eyebrows surprised over the way the mood changed in this room. " It really feels like you want me to stop what you and i are doing? Me and Alec is doing fine. Stop talking about him. " i said and got up from the bed. " What are you talking about? Stop it Jacque. " I started to laugh at him. " What I'm talking about? Oh my God. You are annoying me so much. You've ruined my day. " I said and bite the inside of my cheek. " Then why did you ask me to come over? Huh?" He said and looked at me, waiting for an answer. " Because i didn't expect you to talk about my boyfriend. Idiot!" I yelled and looked around the room. " Am i an idiot? Watch your mouth Jacque. Do you understand that?" " Behave yourself, thanks! I shouldn't have an reason to call you an idiot, if you weren't one!" I said and tried to swallow my lump in my throat. I could feel that i was getting uncomfortable with him right now. I wanted him to go away, now. "Im not an idiot. What do you wanna do today?" I licked my lips. " I don't know. The park?" I said and looked at him with a confused look in my face. " The park is fucking boring Jacque." I said and looked at me with a serious look in his face. " Thats only because you don't really lay your eyes on the things in the park! You would realise how beautiful the simplest things in life is if you just gave yourself time to admire it! Them come with fucking better idea! Danm!" I yelled and walked to my door to my balcony, i needed air. " Watch your mouth Bitch! Is Alec that bad in bed?!" I said and looked at me with fire in his eyes. " You're the biggest idiot I've met in a long time!" The door knocked downstair and sighed. " Im coming now!" I yelled and sighed even louder. 

I walked down the stairs and opened the door to the outside and saw Alec. " What are you doing here?" I whispered annoyed by the sight of him. " Do i need a reason? Can i come in?" He said and lifted his eyebrows. " I don't think so. I just threw up in the living room. Its smelling in the whole house. " I lied. " Stop it. When has that stopped us two from hanging out? Lets go to your room?" I looked at him with helpless face. " Theres already someone up there. Its for the better if you go now. " i said and bite my lip. " Another guest? Who is it? I can meet them right?" I looked at him with the same helpless look in my face. "He's not worth your time, believe me. He's not the nicest guy in town." i said and sighed. " Let me meet him. I wanna meet him. What's his name?" He asked and looked a little nervous as well. The thought has been through his mind that i might was seeing someone else. I could see it by the look in his face. " Christian. Alec, for God sake." I looked around the house. 

We got upstairs and into the room to the grumpy Christian. " Christian.. Okay. Hey Christian. Im Alec. " I looked at them both and sighed for my self. " Yes, Christian this is is Alec. Alec this is Christian. " i said and tried to be relaxed. " Hey Alec! How are you?" Christian said. "Your name was Christian right? Im doing fine thanks. " " You didn't mention that we were getting another guest. Hey Alec? Are you planning on staying?" Alec looked confused by how the mood changed. " Did i ruin something?" he said and looked uncomfortable like myself. " He's staying if you don't matter. You didn't ruin anything." I said and sighed annoyed by Christian. " Thats okay. I just don't wanna look at him. " He said and sighed. " Hey, whats wrong? I just wanted to see my girlfriend? I don't matter you are here." He said and smiled at Christian. " Alec, you need to go. But, i'll see you tomorrow at.. you know. He doesn't know. He has some problems with his girlfriend at home, i promised to help him out, and talk about the problems. You need to go. " I whispered to him. " So i don't need to be nervous about you two?" i said and swallowed a lump in his throat. " Nervous? You have nothing to be nervous about. Its at 12 o'clock tomorrow." He nodded. " I'll pick you up 30 minutes before. as you are used to." I nodded. " Yeah, we can go to your place afterwards." I said and nodded, to make it up to him for making him leave my house. " Okay, i'll see you tomorrow then." He said and nodded. 

I got back to the room after walking Alec down to his car. " Why do you gotta be like that Christian? He hadn't done you anything!" I said as i got back to the room. " What are you talking about? He's your boyfriend, of course i don't like him. " I started to laugh at him. " You are jealous of Alec? Wow." He rolled his eyes back in his head and sighed. " Jealous of that white asshole? Stop it. I know you want me more than you want him. He's just here all the time. Its annoying." I rolled my eyes and looked at him. " But we're alone now. Can i make it up to you?" I said and licked my lips. He grapped my hips and kissed my lips hard, and craving. He wanted me badly, and i wanted him. He laid me down in the bed and got on top of me. He started to grind on me and making me all wet. I opened my mouth and ran my fingers through his hair. I breathed heavily and was trying to catch my breath again. " Christian." I moaned and got my legs up around his hips. He grinned even harder on me, and started to undo my shorts. He got his one hand down in my shorts and his kiss got even more desperate. 

I moaned towards his lips and breathed heavily. He got his hand down to my wetness and started to force his tongue into my mouth, and demanded my whole mouth, leaving my breathless. He smiled towards my lips and quickly licked his lips when he pulled away from our kiss. I moaned even louder and started to play with his tongue. My one hand pulled in the sheets under us and i pushed my hips up towards him. I pulled away from the kiss and as i came, and collapsed under him. " Im glad he left. " He said and winked at me. " When you make so mad, i just wanna pull your clothes off." I said and got my hand down into his pants. " Mm Jacque." He said and began to smile. I bite my lip and started to kiss his neck. I opened his pants and got my self on top of him. I grapped his dick and sat myself on his knees. I closed my eyes and started to suck him. " Mm Jacque. " He moaned and licked his lips. I sucked him even harder and closed my eyes. I moaned towards his dick and enjoyed the taste of him. " Mm Fuck. " He moaned and licked his lips again. " Mm." i moaned towards his dick and sucks him slowly once again. " Mm Fuck Jacque. " He moaned and came into my mouth. I pulled away from him and swallowed. "Was it good?" I said and laughed. " Hell Yes, baby. How many times have you done it before?" I laid my self on top of him. "Once. Alec wasn't that much into me looking at his dick. But you were perfect." I said and stroke his cheek. " What an idiot." He said and began to smile. " Mm. " I said and relaxed on top of him. Insecure much, then he can't be that big huh?" He said and lifted his eyebrows. " No he isn't, when you have to fake an orgasm." I said and stroke his cheek. " Thats awful. I thought you had great sex?" He said and winked at me. 

" You don't need to come to have great sex. Alec had done a lot for me, and I'm happy he was my first." I said and sighed. " Stop it baby. Are you mad again?" He asked. " Im going to the doctor tomorrow. Its important that I'm coming. " I said to change the subject as i got up from bed, to change my clothes. I walked over to my walking closet, and got inside of it. I pulled my shorts off and looked around the room. " Why are you going to the doctor? Are you sick?" He said and smiled. " Its just a check. Im Allergic to many things, I'm just going to get checked if its getting better or worse." I said and got some new panties on. " Allergic for what? Is it serious?" He said and relaxed on my bed. "Its the trees out site. I can't breathe without my pills." I lied and laughed. " That sucks. Do you wanna watch a movie?" He said and bite his lip. " Yes, lets do that. Is there a special movie you wanna watch? Whats your favourite kind of movie?" I asked and smiled. " Action or something like that. You decide. What do you like?" I got out from the closed with my PJ's on and walked over to my tv, and looked at all the movies i had. " Not one i got at home. I love going to the movies. But i don't have a favourite yet." I said and nodded. " The movies? I like that sometimes too. Whats you're favourite kinda movie?" I walked over to the movie after i had popped Abduction into the tv. " I like Action movies, horror movies, thrillers, and sometimes cheesy love stories. "i said and laughed. "So its different from time to time? Thats like me. But i hate love stories. They make me sick." I sat down next to him and smiled. " some love stories are great Christian. This is my favourite action movie, so if you don't like, i apologise." He laughed. " What is it called? Should i know it?" I laughed at him. " Its called Abduction. Its good." I said and relaxed right there ned to him. "Abduction? Who's getting kidnapped?" He said and licked his lips. " He got abducted when he was little. Its difficult to explain. You need to watch the movie." I said and relaxed completely as i sat there ned to him and watched this movie. " Fair enough. When if your parents home?" He asked and lifted his eyebrows. 

"You can stay if you wanna, when they arrive. You don't need to go." I said and looked at the tv. " Your parents shouldn't see me. Its better this way. I would love to stay, but still." He said and laughed.

We watched the movie, and she it was done, we said goodbye, and he left me with this warm feeling in my body. I was starting to like him even more. We weren't the perfect match, but me and Alec was, and see how boring that is. I wanted christian. I knew that. I just needed more time to see if it was worth given Alec up.

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