hey my name is Cecelia, I'm 19 years old. I have a boyfriend, named Jason, he was so nice and lovely then I met him but he started to act like I'm trash, he kicked me, hit me and yeah lets just say it wasn't good things he did. so now I ran away from him.


2. The new family

 We are ending up on the 5th floor room 120 "thank you doctor" I'm saying "you're welcome, I just nned to tell you something she don't remember anything from before the accident so will you please take care of her here is anything you have to know about her" the doctor is saying and giving me a paper "oh no did she lost her family?" I'm saying chocked the doctor is nodding and leaving us alone, I'm looking at Jazzy and Jax and opening up the door to see a girl looking outside the window when she see us she get scared , she asking us who we are and I'm telling her everything from the accident to everything there is standing on the paper the doctor gave me, except of the fact that her family is dead.


Cecelias P.O.V

I´m on a hospital after I've been in a bad accident. I'm talking with a hie lady named Erin she telling me all about the accident how she is sorry about it but its not her fault I should´ve been looking better on my way, she is telling me that she is my mom and the little boy Jaxon is my brother and the little girl Jazmyn is my sister.

"I´m sorry I just can't remember you" I'm telling them and my mom is hugging me, it feels weird to call her my mom when it feels like I don't know her.


( 7 weeks after)

I´m getting closer to my mom and my little brother and sister. I´ve also met the one who is supposed to be my dad, he is so nice they are all and I think I start to believe that they are my family, so I'm Cecelia Bieber. 

today I get to come home yay.


Erins P.O.V

today we are going to take Cecelia home to us, we got to make a room for her, its a classy room with own bathroom, walk-in closet and a black bed wrote princess on it. I'm sitting in our kitchen with Jeremy and the kids we are eating breakfast. 

"ok kids here is what we gotta do when i come home with Cecelia, be happy to see her like she really is your sister" I'm saying 

"mommy I don't need to act happy, it already feels like she is my sister" Jazmyn is saying I'm smiling and she is smiling back

"good Jazzy,I'm driving now" I'm saying kissing Jeremy and the kids

"mommy can I come with you" Jazmyn is asking 

"yes" I'm saying and taking her hand then going out to the car taking Jazzy into the car and sitting onto the driver seat.

(on the hospital)


Cecelias P.O.V

I'm packing my stuff not that there is much to pack, just some gifts that I got from my mom/Erin and dad/Jeremy and some new clothe I got from my mom/Erin I don't want to call her my mom before I remember everything. when I'm done packing I'm going down to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. 


Jazmyns P.O.V

me and mommy are coming into the hospital, mommy is asking about Cecelia is ready, and they say she is eating breakfast, so mommy is taking my hand and we are going into the elevator. when we are getting out of the elevator and into the cafeteria I see some chocolate pudding

"mommy can I get some chocolate pudding?" I'm asking 

"when we find Cecelia" she saying kissing my cheek, I'm nodding and looking around "mommy I see her" I'm saying running over to her with mommy in my heels, when I get to her jumping up and hugging her, "hi Jazmyn" Cecelia is saying surprised when mommy is taking down on earth again. "hi Cecelia how are you feeling" mommy is asking when I see Justin, I'm running over to him and hugging him.


Cecelias P.O.V

"hi Cecelia, how are you feeling?" my mom/Erin is asking I´m not reaching to answer when Jazmyn is running away, hugging a stranger but when he is turning around its Justin Bieber!, WAIT if his last name is Bieber and my last name is Bieber, OMG my brother is Justin Bieber. "woaw she might be a big fan?" I'm asking "the biggest he is your brother" my mom/Erin is saying smiling. Justin and Jazmyn is coming over to us "hey Erin who is this?" Justin is asking okay why does he ask who I am?


Justins P.O.V

me and Jazmyn is going over to Erin and a beautiful girl "hey Erin who is this?" I'm asking and the girl is giving me a weird looking, like she don't know whats going on Erin is seeing it and begging to laugh "Justin how can you make fun in this moment" Erin is saying looking mad, I'm raising my eyebrows at her, whats going on here?! "hi Justin" the girl is saying. we are going out of the cafeteria and into a elevator, OK if this thing is stopping and we can't get out I'm gonna freak.

(at home)

Cecelias P.O.V

 I´m getting out of the car, Justin is with us, I'm going with Jazmyn and Justin inside 

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