hey my name is Cecelia, I'm 19 years old. I have a boyfriend, named Jason, he was so nice and lovely then I met him but he started to act like I'm trash, he kicked me, hit me and yeah lets just say it wasn't good things he did. so now I ran away from him.


6. A lie

Cecelia´s P.O.V


"STOP! saying that she is not you daughter I can't take that you're lying to her about being her family" Justin is shouting and Jeremy and Erin are looking chocked at him, I'm holding my tears in "Justin I told her because I found out she didn't have a family they all died some years ago" Erin is saying its getting harder to hold in my tears, they lied to me, they lied about me but most of all they lied about being my family. Justin's voice are throwing me out of my thoughts "I can't take that I'm the only one who haven't lied to her cause you didn't told me, dad you always leaned me to be honest to the people around me, the people I care about so I'm gonna tell her the truth right now" Justin is saying. I'm about to go when Jazmyn and Jaxon is coming running each other and BOOM we are all sitting on the floor and Erin, Jeremy and Justin is coming over to us helping us up Erin is reaching out the hand to help me up "I can get up myself thank you!" I'm saying a bit hard but they lied to me, I'm getting up and helping Jazmyn up "I amn sorry Cece" Jaxon is saying "its ok Jax, see Jazzy is slipping away hurry" I'm saying faking smile but replacing it with a mad face when he is out of the room "what did you expected that I wouldn't find out or that Justin wouldn't wanted to tell me?!!" I'm saying mad "no sweetheart it was.." Erin is saying "stop calling me that, why did you said it WHY DID YOU LIE!??" I´m asking crying "we didn't wanted to hurt you" Jeremy is saying I'm just looking at them, they didn't wanted to hurt and look at me now "oh well how do you think it going!"I'm saying and going into to my room and start packing all of my clothe and a pic of me Justin, Jazzy and jax I really started to love Jazzy and Jax and Justin he is the best most loyal friend you can ever get even when he had been in the studio making hits the most of the time, I loved every minute we spend together.




Justin's P.O.V

I´m looking at my dad and Erin, then I'm going to Cecelia's room, I´m knocking at the door "who is it?" Cecelia's shouting from the other side of the door in the room "Justin?" I'm saying "I'm not here" Cecelia is shouting I'm rolling my eyes at her and going inside and see her sitting on her bed crying, no she to beautiful to cry but I understand her if someone I cared about exempel my Beliebers if the lied to me about something really important I would be hurt to.


Cecelia's P.O.V 

When I see Justin in my room I just want to go hug him but a voice in my head is telling me not to, I feel like the only one I can trust is Justin. 

"how are you?" Justin is asking sitting beside me

"terrible, I feel like I can trust nobody and I don't know where to live"  I'm saying hugging him

"you can just stay here?" Justin is saying looking at me and I start to cry more than I already did

"please don't cry I´ll help you get through this" Justin is saying looking me in the eyes, uh his hazel brown eyes is just to melt for.

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